12th Stepping Stone Indie Rock Festival (The Korea File)

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From humble beginnings in a Tapdong parking lot 12 years ago, the Stepping Stone indie rock festival celebrated another success in 2015 in spite of heavy rain, intense winds and a washed-out beach due to Typhoon Chan-hom. 

The Korea File was at the festival's Plan B, Daemyung Resort's Diamond Ballroom on Hamdeok Beach, to speak with festival organizer Kim Myoung-su and some of the bands, including: 

the Stooges-era garage rock of Dead Buttons, 

Romantiqua's guitar-heavy post-rock

the Mogwai-esque soundscape harmonics of Apollo 18 

and the dynamic folk punk of Jeju's own Zen Alone. 

For more on the festival check out Ann Bush's eyewitness account at

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