14-Year-Old Jonathan Lee Is Dokdo’s Newest Ambassador


Though only 14 years old, Jonathan Lee has been given a large responsibility having been recently designated as the Green honorary ambassador for Dokdo and the nearby island of Ulleungdo, reports The Korean Herald. The North Gyeongsang provincial government, the major authority over Dokdo, and the easternmost islets of Korea, chose Lee in an effort to help support and protect Dokdo’s environment.

At such a young age, Lee has accomplished much in pertinence to the Earth’s atmosphere. When just 10 years old, he published a children’s story, “Go Green Man,” portraying a battle against pollution. In 2009, Lee founded the International Cooperation of Environmental Youth, and, last year, visited North Korea’s Kim Jong-il to propose the addition of a peace forest in Korea’s demilitarized zone. With encouragement from various world leaders, Jonathan Lee is poised to become a huge voice in relation to all matters concerning the environment.

Watch an inspiring video of Jonathan explaining some of his ambitious green goals from last year:

[Photo: I.C.E.Y. website]

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