7 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Life


7 Simple Steps That Will Improve Your Life

By March 25, 2015


Everybody loves reading fluffy articles that make them feel good. The problem with these articles is that they rarely leave you with a specific set of steps you can take in order to improve you life. Forget the just be an alpha bullshit, learning how to “peacock” or any business/women loop-hole insanity, here’s some concrete advice you can implement today.

1. Start Exercising:

Don’t give me that face. There’s a reason this is included in every article you read that aims to improve your life. Join a gym. Just do it. Or, if you’ve become lazy and stopped going, get your ass back in there. You need to make time for this. Every day if you can. There are tons of workout regimes out there. Find one & stick to it. This is your time. Don’t talk to girls. Don’t talk to guys. Don’t waste your gym hour. Just work out. It will suck at first, but it gets easier.
Here’s the key: It doesn’t matter if you get stronger or look different after a month. (You will, but it doesn’t matter.) The way you walk, talk, and carry yourself will improve and others will notice. In addition to that, It’s just plain good for you to grow some goddamn muscle.

2. Eat Well & Get Sleep:

Pretty simple. Staying up until 4AM drinking beer or playing computer games is fine every once in a while, but the rest of the time you have to be a real person. Wake up early to work out. Eat real food (not pre-packaged garbage), cut out soft drinks, energy drinks, and other bullshit drinks. Try limit alcohol to social drinking. Learn to cook and buy actual food from an actual healthy grocery store.
As for sleep, aim to get around 6-9 hours per night. Make it good. Remove as much tech as possible from your sleeping area and keep it as dark as you can. Don’t use tech 1 hour before sleep either. If you absolutely must, use a program like Flux or Twilight. Try some black-out blinds if necessary and block out any little LED’s that are on or flashing. You’re not proving anything to anyone by staying up until 2am for no good reason. Lack of sleep will mess you up.

3. Get A Job or Start A Business:

Get a job if you don’t have one. Get a good job or start a new business if you’re over your shitty one. If you’re sending out resumes, always follow up via phone. Just make the call, stop being a pussy. Talk to everyone you know and you’ll get hooked up at places you would never have thought to approach. In my opinion, starting a new business is the single best way to educate yourself and grow as a person. If it succeeds, you’re financially independent, in control of your future and have no asshole boss. If it fails, the network of like-minded people you’ve created and the experience/knowledge that can be drawn from the process itself will have been worth the effort. Rinse & Repeat. Even if you’re in school now, get a part time job doing something cool or start working on a little business. Start selling & trading shitty little Beyblades or whatever the hell you guys are into these days. Just start HUSTLING. To me, the most important word in the world is Hustle.

4. Talk To Randoms:

All. The. Time. Grocery shopping? At a bus stop? Buying a coffee? In line somewhere? The aim isn’t to make a best friend or get laid (although you never know). The aim here is to get you talking. Get you comfortable with general conversation in any situation you can imagine. You’re just chatting, that’s it. Doesn’t have to be a philosophical debate, it could be 10 seconds or a few minutes. Doesn’t matter. Do this every time you go somewhere. Ask for recommendations, advice or how their day is going. Tell them that they need to try the Nutella-filled diabetes-inducing crepe because it’s the fucking bomb. Whatever, just chat!
Do this habitually, so the next time you’re in a club and you want to talk to a girl you like, it feels natural. You won’t be standing there trying to come up with a witty opener. You’ll just walk over without overthinking it and start talking. It may seem stupid, unnatural or awkward at first. Deal with it. It will make a world of difference without you even knowing it. This isn’t just about being good with women, it’s about stumbling across opportunities that would never have come to fruition if you had kept your mouth shut. You’ll become a natural and others will notice your effortless confidence. Whether it’s interviews, talking to women or explaining to your father that you watch My Little Pony, you’ll nail it.

5. Get Some Hobbies:

Pick a few things that interest to you and actually look into them. You won’t live forever so make your life interesting. Join some professional societies and get some hobbies. Go to a series of cooking classes, join toastmasters, learn how to sail or how to do 3 consecutive backflips. Whatever. Just do things besides working, eating & sleeping. Start a blog on a topic you’re interested in, make a massive sparkler bomb or learn how to box. The specifics don’t matter, just do things you enjoy.
Don’t try to appear as though you are an interesting person, become one.

6. Read Up & Take Action With Women:

It doesn’t matter how fit, healthy, successful, social, and interesting you are. If you don’t know the first thing about them you’re seriously going to struggle my friend. Being successful with women is a learned skill, not something that just happens randomly. There are plenty of articles on MR VOLPATO that you can start off with. Some good ones are 5 common mistakes men make with women or understanding what women actually want.
To put it simply though gentlemen, there’s really only 1 thing you need to understand. Being successful with women (overnight or long term) requires a cross-pollination of their wants with ours. Showing a woman she matters doesn’t require grand gestures. It could be as simple as actually listening to her. Or, when you’re standing at a bar talking and notice she is uncomfortable standing in her heels, leading her to a goddamn seat and letting her regain the feeling in her toes. This is perfect because you’ve shown her that she matters to you, and you’ve also made the situation more intimate.
Once you’ve read up on how to approach women and other things like that, you have to follow through. The most valuable knowledge comes from experience. Read up, take action, fail, learn, grow and you’ll become a natural.

7. Go Out & Remember To Enjoy Life.

Go out on the weekends and enjoy yourself. You don’t have to drink every time. Don’t be a serial pest, but approach a ton of women and talk to them the same way you talked to the strangers I mentioned above. What’s great is that if you’ve followed the previous 6 steps it doesn’t matter if you get rejected. You’re already in an awesome place. You’ll be happy, confident and carefree. Your peers will admire you and the way you’ve transformed your life, and you’ll make a great first impression with every woman you meet from that point forward.
That’s actually the key to it all. If you’re not happy, all on your own, just with who you are, what you’ve done, and what you’re capable of, then you’ll never land a woman or truly enjoy life. If you’re physically fit or at least confident about your gym routine, healthy and well-rested, professionally successful, socially not awkward, have hobbies and interests, and are at least decently versed in women, you’re in the top 5% of people on this earth. Start with these steps and you’ll improve your life, you’ll be happy.

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