Adventures of 2010


January 2010

{ My nephew, Mr. Gage was born! And seeing my sister take on the role of being a mother was quite terrifying but also a beautiful moment in life. }

February 2010

{ First I said goodbye to those that shaped me and also supported me in everything I attempted, I headed to Japan to see my goofy brother, Blake, and then after a difficult goodbye, Korea was my next stop marking the 16th as my the first day of my life here. }

March 2010

{ At first I was quite hesitant, the night life felt like 2nd year of college. But then the real adventures started, surprise birthdays unlike anything before, GIANT white teddy bear kidnappings, toast sandwiches every night, and my first Korean Buddhist Temple was seen! }

April 2010

{ Adventure continues, Cherry Blossoms are so gorgeous in the spring, and CAMPING! The bicycle gang took a camping trip. It felt oh so right to be in a van with 7 other people, jamming down the highway. }

May 2010

{ Buddha’s birthday! Which is a national holiday, and so Eric and I took what we thought would be a bicycle/road trip to the West, it really ended up being mega rainy days and lots of Hoedeopbap. Also this month I met the enduring Kay 2 and Soung Hyo, which became my first Korean friends and helped me get studio space and make some art connections. }

June 2010

{ Hulk Anderson was turning a new age, so we threw him a wrestling themed party on my rooftop, it was insanely fun and previous to the party I had a mix up with a curb and my arm was in a sling. Gotta love the attempted curb jump! }

July 2010

{ 4th of July was an extravagant feast, goodness! We had our party at Agit and shared our madness of mojitos, potato salad, burgers, deviled eggs, watermelon, and such with our Korean friends. We finished the night at a noraebong, which is a Korean style Karaoke bar. }

August 2010

{ My 25th birthday was spent in a magical place in the forest. I wrote my life list, and I felt truly loved from some many different places in the world. But what beats bicycling to the Great Wall in China? Absolutely nothing, and so that is the highlight of August! }

September 2010

{ Vacation was spent on Geoje Island with friends. We swam to another island, which I honestly thought would be the death of me. But turns out the fish that live in an underwater cave are quite funny looking, and worth all the scratches to see. I had worked hard since May in the studio and my first solo exhibition took place at the end of the month! I had lots of support from work and my friends. }

October 2010

{ Time to rest, lots of art exhibitions to see, decisions to make, and someone wonderful to spend my time with. }

November 2010

{ I know, I know, but I don’t often share this aspect of my life on the world wide web, and you should all know that it is truly amazing to meet someone that creatively motivates you, is insanely talented, and only says no to adventures that seem far far too dangerous. }

December 2010

{ After giving a lecture to some future educators about how fun English learning can be, I felt really great about my decision to stay. I have been able to travel to China, Japan, and soon enough Thailand in the course of one year! I have created an Art curriculum that I use to teach English through Art. Life is good, quite wonderful indeed! }

Happy 2011!

It isn’t always necessary to make resolutions, but goals are nice. Also make a list of things you like that you already do, and don’t want to change.

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