Around Korea in 5 days- Day 5 Gwangju 광주 to Busan 부산


Day 5 would be highlighted by checking out Namhae along the south coast. I had promised I would visit there. I was told it was very beautiful. It far exceeded my expectations. It would be a great place to go to in the summer and hang out in a bed and breakfast. First off that day I would stop for bike maintenance. I found a small shop. It was open but no one was around. This was in the middle of the country. The restaurant beside it called them for me and a few moments later the owner came back. He pulled up in his truck with his wife. His wife had the biggest smile I had ever seen. She never stopped smiling. It made me think about my experience as I went from city to country in Korea. The people in the country seemed happier and more relaxed. It made me think of my own life. I have spent most of my life city. Is there a way to make life in the city happier and friendly? After my oil change I got rolling. A few minutes later I came across a scarecrow festival, there were thousands of scarecrows in the fields. I stopped and took pictures, it was pretty cool. Later in the day I had some problems with my helmet camera, just as I hit the best part of the ride of the day. So I had to improvise with duct taping my small camera to my helmet. I ended up with average footage from that. It was lightly raining so I had to crack out the rain gear. I eventually headed back inland as I had spent the day riding along the south coast. I decided to go to Jinju. It was the first place I had made a motorcycle trip about in Korea. I figured it would be a good way to end the trip. After Jinju I would have about two more hours of riding, but all on roads I had travelled many times. There would be no more surprises and nothing new to see. That evening I rolled back into Busan.

It was over. It seemed so fast. I could barely remember what I had done. Luckily I had videoed a lot of it. I also planned to write about it to fill in the gaps that I missed in the video. Well I guess I did that now. It was an awesome trip1. I made it in the five days and it actually only cost me 345usd.

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