Can Men Be Attracted to ‘Bigger’ Girls?

Hey readers,

The following is my response to a young woman who wondered if guys being attracted to ‘bigger’ girls was”out of the question”.

“In my opinion health is the key. There are women out there who are naturally slender. I have a few friends with naturally slender body types. They’re super tiny, but they’re no less of a woman than a lady with curves, just like a lady with some extra padding here and there isn’t any less of a woman than a bikini-model.

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Auggie Talk Episode 6: Comfort Zone

Hello readers,

For the first time ever, I’ve recorded and posted a video clip (a very short one) of me singing. By doing this I challenged myself to conquer something that made me uncomfortable. I broadened my comfort zone today. How will you broaden yours?

“Thick Dumpling Skin”: A Little Ray Of Sunshine.


Thick Dumpling Skin

Now, I am not an Asian-American (obviously). However, I am an American woman who has spent a fair bit of time in Asian countries surrounded by Asian ideals of female beauty. I have also had my fair share of body image issues. So, while I may not be able to relate 100% to these beautiful ladies, Lynn Chen and Lisa Lee, I understand where they’re coming from and as a woman I appreciate what they’re doing to bring down negative body image.

The one thing I got so tired of hearing while abroad in both Japan and Korea came from women who I thought to be the epitome of slender gorgeousness. “I need to lose weight.” “I’m very chubby.”

As a heftier white gal in that situation I was quick to get annoyed.

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“With Love Project” launch.

Hello Readers,

With Love Project has been launched.
WLP is based out of Arkansas and was developed to raise money for the HSNPSCF Japan Relief Fund. Yeah, it’s a mouthful. This fund was developed to help support a particular area directly.

Disaster Relief for Japan

As you all know, Japan is facing a devastating time. Over 15,000 missing or dead after the 8.9 earthquake rocked Sendai sending aftershock after aftershock through the rest of the country. A tsunami magnified the devastation by flooding the countryside taking lives and destroying the homes of thousands.
To add to the monstrous disaster a nuclear power plant in Fukushima exploded, poisoning the air with radiation, risking the lives and health of many and displacing still thousands more from their homes.

Oh, a Waitress.

Hey guys,

I’m coming at you from the teeny corner of office that I currently call ‘my desk’ while I’m filling in for a gal on maternity leave.

These past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind, mostly because I’ve been clocking 60-70 hours a week. No complaints from me, I don’t mind working that much. Honestly though, I wish this 40 hour a week deal was as interesting as my after hours job as a waitress.

The Joys of Waitressing

Waitressing has been an eye opening experience. First of all, I’d never even thought of waitressing as job to be considered. In fact, I swore to my mom that I would never work in the food industry! Look at me now…eating my words. (haha! er…)

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Update With a Smile

Hello readers,

I’d like to start out this post by saying that I’m not in a good ‘mind’ place to be writing a blog entry at the moment. Thoughts are all just swirling around with no real rhyme or reason for a number of reasons.

I’ll attempt to identify one of those reasons before I collapse into the incredibly spectacular comfort that is my bed and a good night’s sleep.
Reason: I’m tired. I brought it on myself by taking on so much, but I still feel that it’s worth the effort I’m putting forth and so I continue to pursue the 70 hour work week, the early morning gym time, and the late night chat sessions with special people. I know my schedule won’t be so crammed forever so I’m letting it be now with little complaint.
I do miss spending time with my family, though. I love you guys and I hope we can all sit down and enjoy time together soon! ♥