Zoo Animals

There are times when the feelings you feel can’t be explained well in words. It seems a bit unfair then, that it’s exactly these times when we can’t express ourselves well that we feel like we should try.

Maybe it’s just an attempt at trying to understand ourselves. Why do we feel this way? What makes us feel this way? How can we change it? Or at least, how can we gain control over it?
At some point, haven’t you asked yourself these questions?
In all honesty, I don’t mind these times so much. I may even be occasionally content with them, especially after I’ve managed to express them a bit in some way, even if that expression is almost entirely incorrect.
So, if I try to charade an elephant and it comes across to you as “Zebra” then it’s not a total loss. After all, you can still find those two animals in the same hemisphere. Or at least in the same zoo.

Small Update

Hello Readers,

Sorry for the delay in posts. I’ve been trying to get myself motivated, but the amount of stress that I’ve been dealing with lately kind of kept me lazy. However, I have luckily been offered an opportunity that has greatly reduced my stress, though not eliminated it.
So this is just a little personal update for now. I’ll update on something a little more interesting for all of you next time!
I was finally hired at a very nice place after a lot of searching. I greatly appreciate those who kept their ears and eyes alert for unlisted openings. I am very excited to start this job though my current position is entry level and ‘fill-in’. I’m hoping that with a lot of hard work I can prove to the great people that hired me that I’m versatile and a quick learner. So then, who knows. 🙂

Happy Holiday Partial Hiatus

Hello readers,

As I’m sure you are all very aware… it’s the holidays!
Because of the holidays I won’t be posting regularly. However, keep an eye out for new posts here and there and expect regular blogging to begin again after the first of the new year!
I hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas and that all of your lovely holiday dreams and wishes came true.
Happy Holidays!
Until next blog,

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Fitness Progress and Programs

Hello readers,

It’s 2 days until Christmas! Aren’t you excited?
Things are getting pretty busy here at home. There’s some more Christmas cooking to be done (sausage balls, YUMMY!) and more presents still to be wrapped.
This is my favorite time of year, and I’m definitely looking forward to making new and wonderful holiday memories with my family.
Well, today’s topic is
I’ve been going to the gym (even though I don’t have a membership. Bless my little brother for being an employee so that I can get in for the under 18 non-membership fee.) on a pretty regular basis and I’m working mostly on building muscle in areas where before I had hardly any!

New Project: Video Blog

Hello readers!

I decided to do something new, something that I’ve never attempted before. A video blog!

I will be making the video blog in correlation with this web blog. I’ll still be posting the majority of my blog via written posts since my lack of video editing skills means that it takes me quite a while to produce a video.
I’m really looking forward to this project and I hope that you’ll follow me up on it.
Subscribe on Youtube and check out the others that I’ve subscribed to on my channel!

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Hello Readers,

This past weekend was a bit of a disaster. I can’t give you any details, but I can tell you that what I witnessed fueled the fire inside of me to to strive even more for a good life, a life that I can be content with, a life that I can feel good and happy about.
I guess I reminded myself that it’s better not to settle for anything, even when NOT settling means that your life will be more difficult for a while. All of you out there reading this now, NEVER GIVE UP!
Anyway, enough of that.
I’d like to introduce you to a friend of mine.
His name is Taylor and he’s pretty much one of the coolest people I know.