Irish Spring Isopropyl Alcohol and Sleeping Pills

Funny thing about shampoo, for the better part of the last 23 years, I rarely used Shampoo and I NEVER used Conditioner. This was a marked change from my high school years of wash / rinse / repeat (why should hair be washed TWICE each shampooing!?!) and this change began the moment my college pal Flibby Thurstein recommended to me in 1987, while we lived in Barrington Hall — that I wash my hair less frequently, in order to retain my head hair longer. 

Flibby’s theory was that washing one’s hair frequently causes rapid hair loss.  For that, I never once bought or used shampoo for the next 23 years. Still, I haven’t bought shampoo or conditioner once in over two decades. I still have a full head of thin hair.

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Quinn Martin’s Epilogue

This is the final part of Can of Bliss, published in four parts here at Live Journal, and published in print form in Culturebook Book Two


I would never deny the love I felt for a woman because society or some law said that she and the rest of her ethnicity was evil or inferior to me. Nor would I deny love for a plant that has alleviated so much suffering, proven so useful and caused so much JOY for so many people for so many years. Even if I didn’t smoke weed…Even if I HATED the marijuana high and thought reggae music was stupid and repetitive, why should others not be able to enjoy the soothing medicinal effects of MJ, or the delicious, intoxicating brownies and cookies baked with it, just because I happen to have another point of view? 

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Can of Bliss Part Three

In terms of plant survival, getting back to my original point – it begs the question…Like any species of living thing, plants seek to survive and have its progeny survive. 


Success is relative. The more relatives you have, the more successful you are.


It would behoove a plant species to link itself with humans, since humans are by far the dominant species on this planet; and as a result, have humans take the time and effort to insure its survival. 


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Can of Bliss 2010 continues

In the 1930’s, after parts of former Mexico like Arizona and California and New Mexico had been annexed by the US, many Mexicans found themselves living in the newly created American West, the same land Mexicans had lived for generations, but now under new ownership – the result of new borders and quasi-military invasions. Many of these ‘locals’ grew and smoked marijuana for medicinal as well as for recreational purposes. 


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Vote YES on Prop 19 Legalize it!

Election Day being Monday, and today being the 4 year anniversary of my fathers’ leaving this earth, I’ll be presenting my essay, Can of Bliss from Culturebook Book Two in 3 parts.  Part one.

Can of Bliss 2010

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Generation of Swine

Much has been written about Generational Trends in America. Here is a slightly edited snippet from Wikipedia defining the generations, beginning with the first adults of the 20th Century.

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Why Sarah Palin is so popular?

It’s interesting to think that in the last two and a half men, I mean two and a half years, Sarah Palin has gone from being a virtual UNKNOWN to becoming one of these most famous American females on the political stage. The question isn’t so much WHY but WHO? Who is supporting Sarah Palin?

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Italians in America…Chinese too

Before Prohibition in America, which took the form of the18th Constitutional Amendment in 1919,
went into effect 1920, and was enforced till 1933 (4 years before the first anti-cannabis laws were written into law)
till it was replealed by the 19th Amendment – before all those LAWS FOR PROFIT AND MARGINALIZATION
which still continues till this day (VOTE YES on PROP 19)

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Mexican American History MMX

Mexican Americans don’t like to get up early in the morning, but they have to, so they do it real slow. 
Mexican Americans love education so they go to night school  and they take spanish and get a B.
Cheech from Up In Smoke

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