Lasik/Lesek in Busan

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lesek surgery busan

Getting Eye surgery was something that I was thinking about before I came to Busan, not seriously but I thought about it.

The main thing stopping me before was the price. Even before I started to do my proper research I was halted to know that I would not be able to afford it later on in life.

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Korean holiday gifts to send home


Busan Awesome's Christmas Gift Ideas by Melissa Tait

So, it’s that time of year again. And by that time of the year I mean the time you feel a little guilty and sad because you’re off globetrotting while all your friends and family are celebrating Christmas in your home town. So, should you send presents home? I say yes, mainly because I enjoy shopping and finding fun, silly things for friends back home. That said, I have a low tolerance for spending money on excess postage, so I’m always on the lookout for presents that pack and send well. Here are some of my recommendations. I’d love to hear yours too!

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Hurshimchung Oktoberfest 2013

Its that time of year again, where Busan’s finest breakout the lederhosen and dance to the best Russian Band while drinking fine German beer.

Thats right ladies and gentleman its time for Oktoberfest at Hurshimchung. The German beer house is located in the same building as the giant spa, attached to the Hotel Nongshim, and is quite the event when you walk in. The brewhouse brews its own beer on site, which is more than most Korean bars can say and they stock the classic german favorites. Food there is delicious (albeit expensive) but well worth it. The highlight however, is the distinctly Russian band that plays there quite regularly while drunk Koreans dance around wildly drinking and eating to their hearts content.

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Visa Medical X-Rays

By Fiona Van Tyne

If you are interested in traveling after Korea, there is a chance that you will have to get a medical check.

For many countries where you have to apply for a visa, Korea is considered a “high risk” country for Teberlocolous. Many countries, where you need to apply for a visa, are going to want you to undergo a medical examination, but they mostly just want a x-ray of your lungs to make sure you are healthy.

Most of us got this done at the beginning of the contracts, as english teachers, if you are able to get your hands on the medical records, you can see if they will send them to the visa office you are applying to.

In the case that you 1, did not have this done when you first came here. or 2 can not gain access to the records, and you need to get it done, then here is the information that we have.

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Book Street, Nampodong

By Emma O’Flynn

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Nestled in the narrow little streets just beyond Gukje Markets, is the cute and quaint, and adeptly named Book Street.  This place is all about the books.  Tiny little stores are stacked from floor to ceiling with books and magazines of every shape and size. Though the selection of English books available is pretty limited, it’s more about the ambience, then any serious book shopping!   The odd coffee shop and vintage store are also thrown in the mix.

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Dong Eui Medical Center (Nurse Lee)

***If you are interested in finding and english speaking doctor the korean tourism website has a chart of location, kind of medicine and language spoken at each spot, it is very helpful and can be located here:

If you have ever asked on a busan discussion forum on where to see a doctor you will see people praising Nurse Lee of Dong Eui medical centre and if you are still unconvinced, let me try.

First off Nurse Lee is the community liaison for the the medical center. Her job is to make sure that english speakers get the care that they need. In addition she is an RN so she is knowledgeable in both healthcare, and english.

My timetable went like this:

9:00 AM : Called her number

Nurse Lee “ Hello Ms. Lee speaking”

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Going to a Dermatologist in Korea


***If you are interested in finding and english speaking doctor the korean tourism website has a chart of location, kind of medicine and language spoken at each spot, it is very helpful and can be located here:


If you have any luck whatsoever, you will never need to visit any of the plentiful skin doctors in Busan. I however, am not a lucky person and have had troubled skin since I was a kid.

I am allergic to most anything, so fancy soaps and cheap jewelry have been annihilated from my life, and sometimes my skin just likes breaking out in random rashes caused by poor air quality, or because its Tuesday.

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By Hand Wellness

Acupuncture, Chiropractic, and deep tissue, need I say more?

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In Busan there is a wonderful man, named Dr. You. He is trained as an oriental medical doctor as well as a chiropractor. If you ever are having issues and want to try eastern medicine this is your guy.

He has gotten one of this medical degrees from Australia, so his knowledge of English is superb. He is also on the stronger side of things, so adjusting Western bodies is easier than say some shorter (smaller) Korean Doctors.

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Medi Hyundae


By Hannah Aauger


Near Haeundae station hides a very good “통증의학과,” meaning roughly “pain medicine.” This particular specialization focuses solely on muscle pain, combining medicine and science you may find in a hospital with the more holistic massage and electro-shock therapy.

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