Cheesecake Day

July 30 is National Cheesecake Day in America. No wonder we saw different kinds of cheesecake on sale when we went to Homeplus yesterday.

How is Cheesecake Day celebrated? Simple! ^^ Just buy your favorite cheesecake from your favorite bakery and enjoy the cake with your family or friends. In the US and in some stores and bakeries in SK, you can buy cheesecake at a discount price.

Some people prefer to bake their own cheesecake to make the celebration “more special”.

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Going Bananas over Bananas

My parents-in-law like to buy A LOT of bananas, although no one in the house likes to eat them. It drives me crazy!

Last week, they brought home bunches of bananas enough to feed a barrel of hungry monkeys. I don’t like wasting food, but how could my husband and I eat all those bananas before they turn rotten?

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