Yukgogan BBQ, Hwamyeong

Hidden away in Hwamyeong-dong is one of the best value BBQ joints around. At only $10p/p for all-you-can-eat meat, Yukgogan is the perfect solution to all your meat eating needs.
And as you can see to the left here, Yukgogan provides over 20 varieties of meatables, including seafood. That’s not just galbi, but marinated galbi, sausages, shrimp, even whole baby octopus.
There’s also a solid selection of sides, soups and salads for you to ignore while filling up your plate with meat.

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The Pho, Nampo-dong

Firstly, we reviewed this restaurant mere days after returning from our trip to Vietnam. Secondly, their Vietnamese food is really, really good.

The Pho really gives you the atmosphere of an upmarket restaurant. As part of “The Terrace” (which also includes “The Pan” and “The Cafe”) it has an interesting street view while seating you comfortably back from the foot traffic of Nampo-dong.

Service is excellent. The staff are quite professional and even brought us lap blankets!

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Hans Brew House

Hans Brew House Seomeyon

Microbrewery and German style Hof

Hans Brauhaus is a large very popular German style hof in Seomyeon. Overall its quite good, and just as expensive as you’d expect. Most importantly, its an excellen place to watch Korean try and use knives and forks. Hours of entertainment right there.

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Ton Mong Tonkatsu, Nampo Dong

Ton Mong is a Japanese tourist-orientated restaurant in Nampo-dong. The prices and and food are fine. This is much better than the tonkatsu you will pick up at your local kimbap joint, without challenging the tonkatsu at any of the million other tonkatsu restaurants in Busan. In fact, the main attraction of Ton Mong is the opportunity to dine in a creepy cat-filled environment (See right). So there’s something here for the cat lady in all of us.

SooChaeHwa – Fusion & Well-Being Restaurant

Shabu-shabu is a Japanese hot pot meal (nabe) similar to sukiyaki. It is considered the dish for winter in Japan. This means that you will be cooking a stew over the gas stove in the middle of your table. The size of the meal means you will need a minimum of 2 people in any Nabe restaurant, and SooChaeHwa is no exception. SooChaeHwa adds a few Korean elements but essentially this is the same shabu shabu I’ve eaten all around Japan, but with some kimchi on the side. This is a clean, family-friendly restaurant, and the staff will help you with the various stages of cooking the shabu-shabu.

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