til the countdown

Getting ready for Christmas! Y’know, so many people bah humbug it, but you know what helps? Getting away from the commercialization of it all for a year. Live overseas from October to January, it wipes the slate clean. Sure, Korea had decorations and things, but Christmas was more for lovers than a family holiday. Plus, I spent it last year by myself in Guam. So bring on the music and the movies and the lights!

But not the shopping. I am severely financially limited.

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happy halloween!

So finally, it’s the big day, my favorite holiday!! Luckily I have the day off so I’m just going to watch scary movies and cook the creepy recipes from the holiday magazines I collected. Usually I have a great weekend along with the holiday, but I suppose everyone’s going to have an off year sometime. So I’m going to reminisce about Halloweens past!

100 posts!

Oh wow, I didn’t realize I’ve posted 100 times here already!

Too bad nothing special was planned to blog about. Just Halloween decorations around the house! It’s getting closer to my favorite holiday! To save on money I just cut out silhouettes out of paper. Also, I missed my Spookytown collection back in Korea. It’s so nice to see them again!

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oh what is the next course to take

So I have decided from returning to Korea for the moment. Which means I am back to where I was over a year ago, before I left.

Quarter-life crisis, you suck!

Oh, to become a pastry chef is a dream, but I have pursued an art related degree before, and I did not follow it. Now I am thinking of doomsday scenarios, with the threat of the collapse of our economy, what would be safe to go to school for? People’s lives will need saving- medicine. People die too- mortician. People will always pay money for taxes, etc- accounting. None of these things really sound like something I could do.

Still thinking!

Anyway, I’m going to blog more, I’ve decided. I’m an artist! I must do something with this! To make up for lost time–

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stop and take time to think

Hey sorry for the dry spell; I’ve been living high and dry without daily access to the internet. Which is better for me than I take granted, I suppose.

Just came back from the annual antique car show they hold across the street! Super fun! I’ve set a goal for myself to one day purchase and refurbish a 60s convertible. Great place to start learning. Just wish it didn’t make me feel so… Republican. I dunno, just a vibe I picked up on there. Then again, I was walking around a church parking lot. Gotta leave the judgy judge boots at home.

OH! But hey now I’ve reached a point in life where it makes me feel awkward as all hell when young teenagers hit on me! Woah! In my mind I’m just thinking, “Oh dear, I am nearing my late twenties, what do you think you are doing. Do you need help with your letterman’s jacket fundraising or something?”

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i have loved you for almost a decade now

Cirque du Soleil's in Pittsburgh. Oh the memories of this company. Almost ten years ago I saw Quidam play here and I was hooked. I traveled around the country, sometimes even to Canada, just to catch the different shows. You know how teenagers these days go crazy for Twilight? Yeah, this was my Twilight I realize now. Ooo, it causes one to wince at one's own impetuousness from youth! But, I grew out of it as time went on and the company grew larger. I don't follow the gossip or news anymore. (Haha gossip about circus people? I know, wow I was odd. But I wasn't alone in this! That's the thing! There were other people who were MORE dedicated to this company than I was. Probably still are. Haven't kept up with them these past few years…)

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and the second round commences

Well it looks like I’ll be heading back to Korea.

Had my first phone interview. Err–

It just kinda confirms what I’m feeling about this second job hunt. Oh I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to go back! And yet that clock started ticking, the one that haunts you and says things like, “401 K… car payments…. loans….. You don’t have any skills that will allow you to find a job here that pays over minimum wage…”
I mean, I’d teach in Thailand if it weren’t for the crushing anxiety having debt and the urge to go back to school cause. Money! Y U MAKE WORLD GO ROUND?!?!

Burgh. BURRRR, I heard this one guy that has his own web show made 54K in a year due to revenue from the ads on his videos. Why can’t I do that? Oh man.

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oops sorry

I had a dream last night that I had to empty my bag for TSA… woke up to find that I had acted it out with my blanket and ended up dumping my sleeping dog on the floor. Sorry Lulu!!

This little anecdote goes here because it was too long for Twitter. Which I have now! I don’t know what you do with this thing…

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movie time

Oh snow. Good grief, why must you love me so.

Anyway, watched a movie that I was slightly hesitant to sit through. I thought, “Oh no, is this going to be another indie flick that tries to be deep and disturbing under the pretense of being ‘artsy’?” As a general rule I veer away from “deep” flicks. As vapid as that sounds, I am deeply sensitive enough. Watching the news can nearly bring me to tears. If I watch something sadly profound or downright violent it will stay with me for days, or even years later as something random will flash in my head.

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