Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #79: Formal Korean

We’ve covered a lot of various politeness levels and how to use them, and we’re ready for one more useful form – Formal Speech.

Formal speech is less commonly used than the others we’ve learned already (such as the 요 form), but it’s still important to know and is still useful in the right situations. This lesson will teach how and when to use it.

And this series will have 100 episodes when it’s completed, so we’re almost near the finish line. Remember to start from the beginning though if this is your first time seeing a video in this series, as you might miss something important by skipping ahead.

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Grading Stray Kids’ Korean | Felix & Bang Chan

Ever wondered how some of your favorite non-native celebrities speak Korean? Wanted to know what things they did well, and what things they could improve, from a Korean teacher’s perspective?

Today I’ll grade Felix and Bang Chan from the popular K-pop group “Stray Kids.”

This is the fifth episode of this series. I’ll keep making them for the time being, but only perhaps once a month. They do take a really long time to make (each is over a week at least), and the newest one I’m making has been well over 10 days already. But as long as people continue to really like them and make requests for them, I’ll keep making them every once in a while.

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Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #78: Don’t Do It

This lesson will cover how to say “Don’t” in Korean, such as using the ~지 말다 form and others.

Remember that this lesson goes in order, so start from the beginning if you’re new. You might miss something important by skipping ahead.

We’re at lesson 78 out of a total of 100, so that means we’re 78% completed with this series!

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Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #76: Speaking With Friends

We’re up to lesson 76, and now it’s time to learn how to use 반말 correctly. 반말 is probably the most common form that you’ll use when you’re hanging out with close friends who speak Korean.

This course is a complete beginner level course, and all of the episodes go in order. If you’re just jumping into this course now, make sure to start from the beginning so you don’t miss any important grammar, vocabulary, or essential concepts.

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Grading Twice’s Korean | Mina & Tzuyu

Now this isn’t going to be a series I do every week, but I did film 3 videos back to back – 2 are about Twice, and 1 more (coming soon) will be about a different K-pop group.

Last time I analyzed the Korean of Sana and Momo from the group Twice, and this time I talk about Mina and Tzuyu. I cover how they speak Korean, how they’ve improved, what they do well, how they could improve, and a lot more.

Who do you think I should analyze next?

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