Learn Korean Ep. 2 PDF is now available! More to come~

Phew! Just finished the PDF for Episode 2, and it comes in at a whopping 9 pages long.

I’ve added a lot of new information as well that isn’t in the video, and I also broke things down more so it’ll be much easier to follow along. Just consider it to be 9 pages of fun. But conjugating the ~요 form is no laughing matter… (lol).

And here’s a link to Episode 2 via YouTube:

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Learn Korean Ep. 1 PDF now available!

Just uploaded the first PDF today~! Check out, or download for free, the PDF file for Episode 1.

These lesson files are not simply transcripts of the video, but include additional explanations, more example sentences, and are more clearly organized to be presented in a written format. Think of them as separate, complete lessons on the topic. I’ve gotten several requests to make PDF lessons, so I hope they’ll be helpful to many of you!

Here’s the video for Episode 1 via YouTube:

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Learn Korean on my new site!

I’ve always wanted to do more for the Korean learning community than just make videos. Even with all of the people studying Korean nowadays, there’s a strange lack of resources out there for learning it. I’d like to add more resources to that pool; specifically, I’d like to clear up every difficult issue that learners come across in Korean.

This site is therefore the next logical step in expanding what I can do to help you learn Korean.

So… what’s gonna be on this site?