Question: How extensively have Chinese hackers screwed the U.S. miltary?

Chinese Hackers

Bloomberg has put together a well reported and extensive look at what appears to have been a 5-year long game of cat and mouse-hack and evade with servers containing some of the U.S. military’s most sensitive and highly-coveted technology.

If F-22′s and F-35′s start dropping out of the sky during the Asian apocalypse in the Taiwan Strait, now you know why.

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POSCO exec unhappy with ramen, smacks flight attendant with magazine

In the “You can’t make stuff this stupid up” department, a POSCO Energy board member, on a Korean Air flight from Incheon to L.A., was unhappy with his ramen so he reportedly whacked the flight attendant with a magazine.


Apparently, he first became unruly when he couldn’t get rice porridge and then became doubly incensed that the ramen he was given instead was too salty and not cooked properly.

Oh, and in a fit of defiance, he refused to buckle his seatbelt.

The pilot alerted U.S. authorities of the incoming knucklehead and, upon landing in L.A., Mr. Ramen was greeted by FBI agents and given the option to submit to questioning or return home. He took the next flight back –on another airline I would imagine.

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Please stop scaring me with ‘terrorism’ headlines

I was sitting on the sofa enjoying my morning cigarette, perusing the Korea Times, and was shocked to to find on the front page of the site that there was another terrorist attack in America! This time in Texas!

I immediately went to Google News and did a search and indeed there was an explosion at a fertilizer factory in Waco, with a rising death toll, but it was not at all related to terrorism, rather an industrial explosion –of incredible force at that.

I went back and read the KT article and even it didn’t say anything about terrorism. Headline fail.

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Jazz on the Rise in the ROK

I didn’t know it, but apparently jazz is seeing its star rising on the peninsula. Not that bland Kenny G kinda “jazz”, but the good ol’ traditional stuff. There were over 100 jazz offerings released in Korea in 2012 alone.

I interviewed jazz singer-songwriter Jumi Lee in the latest issue of Haps about her music and jazz in Korea.

Among other things, I was curious why she chose to sing only in English, a language she scarcely speaks, on her debut CD The Rising Sun. Her response was interesting:

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Feature: Flight Attendants Can Now Wear Pants, but the Question Remains, Does Sex Sell Anyway?

BUSAN, South Korea – With the final coffin nail being hammered into Asiana Airlines’ dress code this week and the last of Korea’s flight attendants finally given the option to wear trousers, persistent questions once again arise: Does the way your flight attendant looks or dresses have any impact on your travel preference?

In other words, does sex sell?

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