An Illustrated History of Family Planning in Korea

In the aftermath of the Korean War, the young South Korean Republic faced an influx of over two million refugees from North Korea and a post-war baby boom with a fertility rate of 5 births per woman. The population was growing at a 3% rate each year and fear arised about the country’s limited land resources. As a result, the Planned Parenthood Federation of Korea (PPFK) was created in 1961.

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And we’re back!

Africa was great fun, but now it’s time to get back to Korean stuff! I will be slightly busier this year so I doubt I can keep the “daily” rhythm, but you can expect more updates very soon!
See ya!

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Retro Korean Horror Movie Posters

Even though Korean cinema has only enjoyed international recognition since recently, the history of the peninsula’s cinematographic industry goes back to the early twentieth century. Horror films started to emerge as a genre in the sixties and remained popular until today. As you’ll see from the movie posters below, the stories almost invariably centered around a revengeful female ghost who came back among the living to wreck havoc.

Ancient Erotic Korean Coins

Korea has a long history of producing sexual artefacts, with recent archeological studies having found sex toys dating back to the Unified Silla Era (7th-10th century) and ithyphallic pictures on Bronze Age kitchenware. These coins were produced during the Joseon era, which, unlike the previous Goryo dynasty, was notable for its conservative and prude mores.

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