The Business

I am sad that the first thing I notice when I discover an attractive writer hawking her book online is not that she is attractive and seems like a neat person I would like to meet for drinks, but rather it would be great to befriend her and align myself with her should her memoir ever reach Smashed, by Koren Zailckas levels of notoriety. And another part thinks either of my thoughts are not very nice.

A hippie, yuppie and womanizer battle fiercely inside me.

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Four days a week!

With perspective, it’s not a lot of money, but when you have less, it is more.

Four days a week at Cherry Grove Farm, Route 206, Lawrenceville, NJ. Stop by and buy some cheese!

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The Wait

I have never read a lot of Stephen King, and his literary merits can be argued, but I would wholly recommend his 2000 book, “On Writing,” part memoir, part practical writer’s tool.

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Finding things to do during the day

It’s been a while since I posted something on John Finds A Job. At the time, I had a job. Granted, it wasn’t the job I wanted, not a job that paid much (though 20 percent off everything in the store and all the coffee you could drink was nice). Since my last posting, I quit working at Whole Earth Center in anticipation of going to South Korea.

Well, that didn’t happen. And, once that didn’t happen, I tried to go back to Whole Earth Center, you know, for all that free coffee. But, Whole Earth Center didn’t take me back. And unemployment didn’t take me back, either. Thank God for male modeling.

Last week, I had my inaugural turn as a male model, playing a nurse for a medical equipment company. I must thank my friend M. for his recommendation of me to be said nurse. $250 for a day’s work? Yes, please. If only we could keep this going. Do you have a watch you would like me to model? Some gloves? Do you like my hands? “They are exquisite.”

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John Finds A Job

It only took a few posts over a month or so, but this blog’s namesake will soon become unnecessary. Because John found a job.

On Aug. 13, I will leave for South Korea, where I will teach on Imja island for a year.

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The Rise, the Fall, the Return: Day 2, 3, 4

I am remiss that I have not been posting to this very much. But, you see, I have rode nearly 300 miles (and counting) and am now in Clarks Summit, PA, sporting a lovely peeling red nose, a very sore bum and a lot of good pictures.

I will add more later to this when I am not tired, but I will give the briefer:

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I Dream of Korea

In a former life, I was a 26-year-old late bloomer who never lived away from home, save the two years I was in the college dorm bubble at Alfred University. I slept in the same room since I was 10, writing for a weekly newspaper, coasting.

And then, I was living in South Korea.

It was almost four years ago. Two years out of college and still the idea of teaching English in South Korea was firmly in my head. It had began with a post on the college’s job forum I read one day during Magazine Writing, which involved little to no writing because our professor did little to no actual teaching.

“See the world! Learn a new culture! Get paid!”

Or something like that. I had always envied those who got the opportunity to travel cross-country or across Europe, while I always felt that was out of reach because I was thousands of dollars in debt from credit card bills, and over $10,000 in debt from student loans. All that travel would have to wait.

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The Amish, Microwaved Plastic and Me

If farmers had access to Styrofoam, plastic containers and microwaves for them to put said plastic containers in, they would have used them and been happier for it. Until the leaching from the plastic containers poisoned their eggs and the family dog choked on a piece of their takeaway box.

Today, I took a trip with Dad and Rose, his girlfriend, to the Columbus Farmers Market, in Burlington County, while the house was being bug bombed. As we left Hamilton, and Mercer County behind, Route 206 opened up into what likely existed along many New Jersey roads 40, 30, even 10 years ago. Lots of corn, old motels, open land, fewer cars cutting you off on the highway and not having the courtesy to at least use a turn signal. It’s a lovely drive; I highly recommend it.

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