Oh, I actually am White-Washed.

Have you ever met someone or found yourself saying something like this?

There were many times when I was judged by someone right off the bat, and what would hurt was that this person assumed my characteristics/ behavior patterns were due to my being asians.  How dare he/she.  This led me to defend myself by saying I was actually white-washed and unlike the ‘asians’ this person had met before.  I wanted to be viewed as loud, crazy, and unpredictable, and not this quiet, non-opinionated, submissive woman.

I thought it was clever, let people know how ‘white’ you are by demonstrating your hatred or discontent for other asians, especially my Korean culture.  But long two year trip to South Korea made me think about this term in another way.

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What kind of things have you run into through your eyes as a gyopo?

In LA or the culture of America has become so involved with the idea of racism and that people are so racist and people nowadays are so sensitive to what they see on the news and base that on real life.

But to be quite honest, I do not experience racism on subtle racism on a daily.  I don’t.  Personally, I don’t repost or share videos about an asian who got yelled on a bus by a white person to perpetuate that ALL white people are like this to ALL asian people.  It’s just not true.  However, I’ve noticed a lot of people on my facebook feed like to dwell on videos that shows why America is so ‘racist’ or whatever.  I don’t buy into this.

Personally, one of my very good friends is an elderly white man.  He and I joke about this stuff all the time because we both know that we are joking.

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Have something to say ?


helloHello!  If there’s something exciting going on in your area, let us know !  Because we are based in Los Angeles, we stay up to date on many Korean-American events, issues, etc.  But what about your community in your town ?

Are there cultural events, clubs, organizations that promotes the Korean or better yet the Kyopo community?  If so, we want to get the information out to a larger audience.  Drop us a line and we’ll make sure to spread the word.

Also, if you have a great piece of writing or just want to make yourself known to the kyopo community, send us an email and we’ll post it on our blog !



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When a woman needs help


We don’t need to stand outside with pitchforks and posters to get our message across just yet.
If you haven’t seen this picture already ubiquitous in the Korean media, here it is: a mother trying to protect her child from domestic abuse fled to the US and now the father is charging her with ‘child abduction’ and the mother might be separated from her daughter… Sounds f*cked up right ? It is.

So here’s what we can do right now to help:

Tweet @wwwicegov and say #StandWithNanHui tell #SarahSaldaña to drop the charges and exercise discretion.

Thank you!

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Allston-Brighton in Boston


On a windy, chilly, and cold day, I set out to visit the Korea town with many many layers on and of course my ushanka.

There was house on the back of Harvard street that I swear, looked like the movie from UP.  Scroll down and you’ll see what I mean!


Not as big as I imagined, and the shops were not consistently Korean.

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