Out of rage

I’ve been trying to buy some baby items from SEVERAL top Korean website, which is non-GMarket.
Some international brand names, which is economical to us, rather than going from one physical malls to another.

However, just because I’m a foreigner… MOST Korean website is not foreigner friendly at all!
I’ve got every information they need: alien card, purchasing card, address and even contact number.. but after filling up everything….. it came out like this:

Translation : Blindness require authentication (As per google translate)

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Small gesture, big impact.

So today, we went to Garosugil, by subway train.
I forgot that I took subway train at peak time; where trains are packed with people standing and squashing.
‘Seoul’lites will be rushing from one point to another, and some ahjumma will just pushed and walked pass by without a hint of mercy.

However, today just changed my perception of Korean people, especially cold-hearted ahjumma, since residing here about 2 years plus.
Train was fully packed and I was standing at one corner near disable/pregnant seats area.
Suddenly, a sweet very old ahjumma called me, gave up her priority seats for me when she saw me with big pregnant belly.
She stand in front of me for about two to three station before going out from the train, refusing another seat being offered by another ahjusshi.
No one, not even any ahujusshi, let alone young people saw me wanted to do this.
I could not say no, as I am in dire to have a seat.

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Yeoncheon Herb Village

My husband surprised me with a short babymoon second trip to herb village.
I guess he was tired of me complaining and being fussy most of the time, and wanted me to shut up and relax. Being pregnant is good after all….

He proposed Herb village located in Yeoncheon.
It’s near.. i mean really near to North Korea border.
Few metres away from North Korea, okay.
Can you see the map?

Hotel Review : Suncruise Hotel

It’sa cruise ship?
It’s a hotel?
It’s a combination of both, a ship that’s stuck on a hill.
(That’s my definition)

There are variety of reasons that we chose this hotel in the first place for our babymoon, perhaps one of the obvious reason is that it’s listed as one of the top unique hotel in Korea from CNNGO.

Once we stepped on the hotel’s entrance, sounds of seagulls with waves crashing in, gave us impressions that we are on a cruise boat (even it’s not moving). Bridge with ponds underneath it creates an illusion that we’re entering a ship. Natural surrounding of cold sea breeze add impact to the cruise ship theme.

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Korea Train Experience (Mugunghwa): Seoul to Jeongdonjin.

Mugunghwa train (Mugunghwa derived from Korea’s national hibiscus flower) is a non express train service in Korea. It is said to be the cheapest train travel for cross country in Korea.

We booked this train last weekend heading to the east coast of Korea for a short beach holiday and romantic sunrise view for our babymoon trip. Our destination started in Cheongnyangni Station terminal and we arrived 30minutes earlier.

First, we need to go to the ticket counter with our online booking printout. Once we received our ticket, we need to wait at this area (pictures below) 15minutes before our scheduled departure. Please note that train departure/arrival in Korea is usually on time.

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How to book train ticket online

How to book train ticket online

If you are like us, who likes to book early and do much research before any trip, this may help.

1. Go to http://www.korail.com/en/rv/pr21100/w_pr21110.jsp

2. Make sure you know which station, time and other details for your arrival and departure and fill it in.

3. Click enquiry and details of seats and train time availability are all listed here

4. Once you select, key in your personal data such as name, gender, passport number and nationality

5. Final confirmation appeared, please check your details then make payment via credit card (international credit card choice available)

6. Click next and voila, you are booked!

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One Day Express Shopping in Seoul

Yesterday, a few of my Malaysians friends on holiday wanted to do some final shopping spree in one day.
I need to gather and compress few shopping places in one day and here are just my two cents in express shopping.

First stop : Namdaemun Market

In my opinion, I find this area is cheapest although it’s quite hard to haggle around here.
As this place closes at night, go here first as early as possible.

Shop : Souvenirs, cheap kitchenware, dried food products and women accessories. 

Tips  : Shop inside the buildings is much cheaper compared to those by the street walk.
          Purchases more than one might get discount.

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Oido in Korea

I need fresh air of sea breeze.

Morning sickness for more than 3 months (let’s just say I’m in those not so lucky category) makes me want to breath in fresh air and feast my eyes with sea view at least.

Apart from Incheon, the nearest beach or shall I say sea view is in Oido.
Located at the end of line 4 line, it’s easy to get there and easy for us to get a seat in subway until we reach our destination within an hour and a half.

Well, Oido is not known for fresh blue sea, in fact it’s muddy. However, this beach is famous for clam digging during low tide and rows of seafood restaurant along the road.

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Moghul Restaurant

Located near rows of fancy international food chain in Itaewon, we seldom go to this area. Our path usually lead to Halal food street. However, we coincidentally bump into this place one day as we were wandering in this neighbourhood.

At first, we were a bit intimidated with the fancy restaurant. Price for ala carte is quite pricey, however the buffet price is quite reasonable. We decided to check the buffet menu spread to make sure it’s worth the price.

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