Initial observations about America

-YouTube ads are in English

-So are the automated customer service menus on the phone 
-I can listen to the conversations of people walking by outside
-I can only eat half of a typical American portion
-I am utterly incapable of feeling the “humidity” my parents complain about
-San Diego is unlike Seoul in just about every way imaginable
-Korea feels very, very far away

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Goodbye, Korea

I’m sitting at the airport, waiting to board my flight. I’ve said all my goodbyes, checked my bags, and am currently coping with the traumatizing loss of my Alien Registration Card. They took it away at immigration. I’m a little bit devastated.

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Things I Will Miss About Korea

-3G on the subway

-being able to charge my phone literally anywhere, including bars
-elevator buttons that cancel if you press them again 
-key codes to apartments
-dweigi galbi
-dalk galbi
-all the galbis, really
-being invisible to sidewalk solicitors
-cheap contacts and glasses
-national health insurance
-drinking in public
-만원 ($10) shoes
-5천원 ($5) clothes
-천원 ($1) socks
-$16 salon haircuts 
-no tipping
-busses that are timed to the second
-no last call
-McDonald’s delivery
-feeling safe walking around at 2am
-this view

-a lot of other things that won’t occur to me until I’m home

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Smile Because It Happened


Oh god, I’m so relieved. Talk about stress.

Now I’m just cleaning my apartment and watching Doctor Who to avoid confronting my emotions. NBD.

Friday night was the big farewell tour. It was just about perfect. We started at a bar that we found our first weekend in Hongdae, when we were just wee K-babies. Then we went to a music lounge that has become a favorite haunt of the Seoulmates, followed by a stop at my favorite rock club and ending at The Park. It was Hongdae in a nutshell. The only thing missing was noraebang and the makgeolli man.

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T-Minus 1 Week

One week from today, I will be in America.

It’s funny how time seems to speed up when you least want it to. My week has been so chock-a-block full of dinner dates, errands, and packing that as soon as I get out of school I’m going nonstop until about now… which is 1am. I do have downtime in school, but that only serves to heighten my anxiety. There’s not a lot of things that are worse for moving-related stress than having to sit idly in an office and think about all the things you could be doing. I’ll try to write more once things calm down a bit (i.e. once I move out of my apartment on Sunday and into Coworker’s house, where she graciously invited me to stay for the 2 days I’m homeless). But for now, just know that I’m stressed, excited, sad, happy, overwhelmed, and anxious. So, just all of the feelings, really.

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Adventure time!

I’m going on an adventure!!!

Ok, fine, I know I’m reusing this gif from a couple weeks ago, but I don’t care because it’s accurate. Also I love it.

I’m leaving today for Asiapalooza. With two of my friends, we’ll be hitting up 4 countries in 9 days: Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam.

I was up most of the night packing, so I’m ready to go.

-sunscreen? check
-spare contacts? check
-lots of tank tops? check

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