Bite Me: Misozoonistic Advertising

At what point in the slaughtering process do animals go from sentient beings to cuisine? Is it when they appear in front of us on a plate? Or when the muscles, still twitching, are hacked off from the carcass? Perhaps it’s the moment when the bolt shatters through the skull and burst through the panic stricken eyes of the restrained cow? Or maybe, it’s as soon as they splash on the floor in a mess of limbs and afterbirth? It’s a philosophical conundrum I’m totally unqualified to answer.

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Road Trippin’ Geoje-do


Before spring’s beautiful embrace makes way for the crushing humidity and biblical rains of summer, get yourself some wheels and venture forth to Gyeongsang Province’s most underrated island: Geoje (거제도).

Hit the road

Geoje-do, bathing just off the coast of Busan, is perhaps best known for its heavy shipbuilding industry. However, due to the island’s many activities and sense of tranquility contrasting so wonderfully with the balli-balli nature on the mainland, anyone hanging out in Gyeongsang province should make there way down here.

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Sleeping in a box: The Capsule Hotel Experience

Next to crashing down in a Ryokan with sushi-serving Geishas, and views of Godzilla scaling mount Fuji beyond paper windows, the capsule hotel is Japan’s most Japanese accommodation. Nowhere else in the world but in the Land of the Rising Sun, can those looking for a place to sleep spend the night encased in a snug little box.

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Fotophest: Yasukuni Shrine

Yasukuni Shrine is a controversial site of worship in the Centre of Tokyo. What’s so controversial about a shrine? We’ll this one harbours the souls of just over 1000 convicted war criminals. Though, you wouldn’t know it if you just stumbled upon it…

If you wanna read more about the place then click here.

All photos by Ben Cowles

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Yasukuni Shrine: My Grandfather Died For This Country

Yasukuni Shrine, located in the centre of Tokyo is undeniably beautiful and rather serene, at least from the outside. Why then, does this place of quiet worship enrage so many in northeast Asia whenever Japanese dignitaries visit the shrine? What is it about Yasukuni that causes South Korea to cancel its foreign minister’s trip to Japan and China to whip yet more shit up about uninhabited rocks in the sea?


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A Fortress in Jinju

It was late in the autumn of 1592; the gravely outnumbered and perilously outgunned defenders ran out of bullets, cannonballs and arrows to fire at the battle-scarred enemy below. As humongous siege towers approached the high walls of Jinju fortress, the ragtag group of warrior monks, undisciplined guerrillas and disgraced generals that made up the city garrison, began to hurl stones (or anything remotely hefty) over the beleaguered walls. With only a tenth of the numbers opposing them, this seemingly futile resistance, amazingly forced 30,000 invading Samurai warriors to flee. Spirits in the Joseon Kingdom were lifted… for all to brief unfortunately.


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