Drink Drink Drink and Be Ill Tonight

Happy Bastille Day.

I love the French. I do. They know how to enjoy life – they get down with serious food, wine, and general chillment/relaxation that is only dreamt about in America. They also are obstinate and will put their shit on the line for an ideal. Some of them are very liberal (which is awesome), sometimes too liberal (which can chafe sacks), but guess what? There are still some (maybe many) French who are just slightly to the left of Himmler. Perhaps the existence of real fascists in France causes a reaction. Perhaps they have a real and tangible history with the said -ism.

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Of late I’ve been deleting all of these. Why? Perhaps I don’t mean ’em, perhaps I come across as an asshole and alienate folks, perhaps I’m just a bitching valve, just venting silly middle class anxiety.

This blog has taken a tumble in honesty points, of late. I think my drunken truths were what attracted people here to begin with. Why the change? Why the self editing?

A victim of my own “success?”

Like I’ve ever known a lick of the word.

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Apparantly there were serious riots in Urumqi, China, yesterday, a city in the western province of Xianjiang. They say the death toll is at least 120 people, with hundreds more injured. I spent some time in Urumqi last summer during my travels, and am not terribly suprised, since the local Uighur Muslim population chafes under the domination of the Han Chinese, who make up a majority in this regional capital. Word has it that the riots may be spreading to Kashgar as well, the site of an attack during last year’s Olympics that killed 16 security personel.

It’s probably for the best that I’ve decided to avoid Western China and Central Asia this summer, going south instead.

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Well, it’s a better year to be an American, with Obama and all. Bush certainly felt like an anvil strapped to my shoulders – I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Whatever the case, to my fellow Yankee Doodles: Enjoy the Fourth. I certainly will. I’m celebrating by going to a baseball game and doing a comedy show. I may even eat some roasted cuttlefish.

Here’s a great American band doing a great song:

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For those of you in the area, let me plug the two comedy shows I’m taking part in this weekend:

Friday, July 3rd, at VINYL UNDERGROUND in Busan.
Saturday, July 4th, at TANDOORI BAR out in Gimhae.

Real live standup comedians.


BRIAN AYLWARD (Newfoundland, Canada)
*Winner of the 2008 Hong Kong International Comedy Festival

ROSS GARDINER (Glasgow, Scotland)

*Appearing at this year’s Edinburgh Festival

ME, SHOWBIZ MCTHARPY (Seattle, baby!)

*Infamous agitator, blogger, rock and roller, fisherman, and provocateur.

Hosted by ROY EARLY

Both shows start at 10:30 (ish)

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