Tales from North Korea

When I’m asked about my trip to North Korea, I find the right adjectives challenging to find. For that reason, I decided to put together a video using pictures and clips I took on the tour. I’ve also included some footage from propaganda videos we were shown at various tourist attractions. 

Starting from Dandong, China, we traversed the country side via train on a five hour journey that ended in the capital city, Pyeongyang. From here, we visited various tourist attractions all over the country. Some of the highlights included Arirang- the mass games (a performance involving 150,000 students who act out the North Korean revolution ,beginning with the birth of Kim Il Sung), a newly opened amusement park, and a trip to the North Korean side of the DMZ.

In order to visit the DPRK, all travellers are required to sign up with one of the few tour companies sanctioned by the North Korean government. In my case, the tour package was provided by Lupine Travel-a UK based travel agency that organizes budget tours to destinations a little off the beaten trail. They were excellent- organized and efficient. 

I found it difficult to give adequate commentary and explanation in a relatively short video. However, I hope it scratches the surface as this was some of the most bizarre, interesting and thought provoking traveling I’ve done. Hope you enjoy!

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