Volcan Villarrica- aren’t you just Beautiful x

Monday April 9th, 2012

I love my Tio Lucho. Today he is taking us to the base of Volcan Villarrica. This amazing Volcano is one of Chile’s most active volcanos. You can tell by the smoke coming out of it from my photo- See it?!?! Lol

Volcan Villarrica

Volcan Villarrica

Volcan Villarrica, Quetrupillan and the Chilean portion of Lanin (Argentina own the other half) are protected by the Villarrica National Park. Villarrica is one of only five volcanoes worldwide known to have an active lava lake within its crater. The upper part of Villarrica is permanently covered by snow and has some 40 km2 of glaciers.

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Valdivia and Niebla

Sunday 8th April, 2012

Valdivia was also victim to the 1960 Earthquake and many of its buildings were severely damaged in the event. The Earthquake, the most powerful ever recorded, at a magnitude of 9.5, generated Tsunamis that affected Japan and Hawaii.

By 1974, Valdivia was declared a province of the Los Lagos Region with Puerto Montt as the regional capital. Many Valdivians resented the decision, and felt theirs should have been the legitimate regional capital?while Valdivia was founded in 1552, and had resisted pirate attacks, hostile natives and several earthquakes, Puerto Montt was a relatively new city founded only in 1853 (three hundred and one years later).

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Good Friday Empanadas- Mehuin and Queule

Friday April 6th, 2012

Lucky for us, the last few days have been lovely. The suns been shining and the weather has been exceptionally warm, considering we are very close to winter. Today however, the skies have turned and the cold is being alittle unkind.

My uncle and Aunt, were off work as it being Good Friday, so they decided it would be a good day to take us on a drive to the fishing towns of Mehuin and Queule to eat some seafood!!!

Mehuin is a small fishing village and is home to a small fish market. There are also a few restaurants that sell many popular seafood dishes and empanadas de marisco (seafood empanadas- yum, yum, yum!!!)

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Getting to know the area…

Monday 2nd April, 2012

It’s a glorious morning. The air is crispy, the sky is blue and the two cabin dogs that live and guard the premises of the cabins have come out for a play. It’s about 9am and I feel only ok. I woke up afew times during the night. I’m certain that jetlag will hit me again around 3pm.

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Beijing for the day

Friday 20th January, 2012

Daniel and Uwe had to go to Beijing on a day trip for a meeting. So the day before, we organised with Jacky, from Jacky’s Pub to drives us to Beijing early the next morning. Besides running the Pub, he also offers a drivers service. It was really chilly that morning and Jacky was waiting for us inside the lobby at 8am.

Although the month is not ideal to visit Beijing, I was still excited to be seeing a new city. I’ve been in China afew months now, but haven’t had the chance to go to Beijing. I plan to do some day trips with Laney later in the year. Jacky explained to us that he had to get the car with the correct licence plate for the day, as vehicles with a certain number ( for example, those that start with a 9) can’t travel on certain days. This is to eliminate the congestion in the city. It all sounds abit silly to me, but it makes sense to keep calm in a huge Capital City.

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Tianjin visit- Culture Street

Monday 24th October, 2011

I caught up with Laney over the weekend and told her about my Tianjin visit with Daniel and all about the city and Italian Street. I also told her how I managed to figure out the train system during the week and that I mastered up the courage to find my way to Tianjin by myself. That day was very successful as I spent the entire day at H&M and seeing other stores nearby.

I told her how I wanted to go to Culture Street in Tianjin but hadn’t had the chance to do it yet. I’ve been told that in Culture Street, you will find all sorts of Chinese souvenirs, which would make great gift ideas, especially with Christmas right around the corner. What a great opportunity it would be to go. She wanted to know how to catch the train into the city, so together, we decided we would go into the city on Monday, visit Culture Sttreet and have some lunch nearby and then head back home.

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Tianjin visit- Shopping and Italian Style Street

Sunday 16th October, 2011

It’s been a pretty short week and not much happened.

Last night was a big night at Jacky’s, we started around 6pm and didn’t get home until 3am. It was a night of good food, good company and numerous games of pool.

Celso, one of our Jacky’s friends, introduced me to a lady called Laney. She has been living in TEDA for over a year with her husband and they plan on staying for another 3 or 4 years. Her husband is in the steel industry. Talking to her, made me feel better about my situation here. When they first arrived in TEDA, she too, felt abit down and lonely and almost immediately wanted to go home.

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Last night in Penglai

Wednesday 12th October, 2011

Not much sightseeing happened after Crappy Land, as Penglai isn’t all that big of a town and in two weeks, I can say I visited every tourist attraction they had to offer. Overall it’s a nice coastal village, but I don’t agree with some of the things I saw, for example, the badly treated animals and the adults and children taking a dump whenever and wherever they felt the need to…

In between, I did alot of shopping, both clothes and for nik naks and we ate out every night, at places such as Hot Pot, Steakhouses, dumpling houses and a pretty good soup restaurant, which served a tomato/vegetable soup, with added chilli. On the last night, we met Gao Lin, Andrew and Peter at the Penglai Golf Club, which was a good 30 minutes out of town in the middle of nowhere. Getting there was a little frightning. The highways were dark, with only the vehicle light beams lighting the way.

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Happy Land??? More like Crappy Land…

Tuesday 4th October, 2011

I don’t think It’s a major tourist attraction and I will soon find out why, but the sign to Happy Land had been eyeing us for a while and Daniel kept telling me to go see what it was. I decided to do some research online about it because I couldn’t find any information about it. All I found was a blog piece from a foreign English teacher from 2008 stating that it wasn’t very good. The Hotel couldn’t even provide any information. The Hotel manager had never been to it, so he couldn’t say much about it

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Penglai Eight Immortals Temple

Monday 3rd October, 2011

After the horrible past few days we’ve had, Daniel and I are feeling much, much more better. He has returned to work and I am eager to get out and do some sight seeing again.

I decided to go see the Penglai Eight Immortals Temple, which sits on the ocean. It is on the opposite direction on the Penglai Pavilion and again, is a major tourist attraction in the city.
That's where I'm headed

That’s where I’m headed

Entrance gates

Entrance gates



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