Making Gimbab (김밥) with Chae and Jagi

TEG_8637Gimbab (김밥) is Korea’s version of a sushi roll.  Translated, it means seaweed rice, which makes sense since these are the two main ingredients found in all Gimbab.  Other ingredients include, fish, meat, egg, and vegetables, either fresh, pickled or roasted.  Making Gimbab is a labor intensive process because so many different ingredients are used.  First Chae steamed the rice and stir fried some of the vegetables.  She then cooked egg and cut it into strips along with fresh cucumber.  Strips of fish and crab came from a package along with the dried seaweed paper.  Chae laid out the seaweed paper and carefully spread a thin layer of rice before adding one strip of each of the different ingredients from her tray.

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Jeju Island


The ferry arrived at the Jeju City port just after dark and we rode out the gaping mouth to a full moon and the smell of the ocean.  Seoul Joe had connected us with two Korean women living on Jeju, so that was our first stop.  Tipi and Chae welcomed us like family, showed us our room and prepared a delicious home made dinner.  They humbly told us how they rode 125cc scooters from Vladivostok (eastern Russia) all the way to England.  It took them exactly 1 year, 1 month and 1 day.

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Wake Up Ryan!

Ryan and I have had the privilege of staying with two incredibly kind and inspiring Korean  women on Jeju Island.  We made the connection with them through Seoul Joe and they offered us a place to stay.  They rode 125cc scooters from eastern Russia all the way to England and it took them one year, one month and one day!  Quite the adventure!  They have four very fluffy animals!  Three cats and one dog.  The morning after we arrived at their house, Ryan slept-in and their dog “Jagi” was happy to wake him up!


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Bike Woes and Bamboo

Bamboo Forest

After two years in Canada returning to Korea and especially Gwangju (the city where I spent my last year) was a lot like coming back home.  I almost headed back to my old apartment after a night out with friends.

I have a strong connection with Korea and coming back is a dream come true for me.  This is Ryan’s first trip to Asia and that makes the trip even more exciting as he experiences everything from a fresh perspective.

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Let the adventures begin!


Ryan and I stumbled off the plane after 17 hours of flying and somehow found the quirky little motel we had booked in the heart of Seoul.  The next morning we headed out early to meet with Seoul Joe, who had arranged for two rental motorcycles for our trip.  Seoul Joe was very cool and rode up on a gleaming white Harley, music blasting, high handlebars, cowboy boots and sunglasses.  He took us out for a delicious lunch and recounted some of his motorcycle adventures.  We sat there amazed as he told us how he rode from eastern Russia to Europe on his Harley!

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South Korea bound…


Two friends, four weeks, one epic motorcycle adventure across South Korea!  


The land of the morning calm, South Korea, still very untouched and unknown by the western world, yet rich with unique beauty, ancient culture, feisty food and untamed adventure.  From the futuristic metropolis of Seoul, to the volcanic craters of Jeju, join Adrian and Ryan on their motorcycle journey, as they camp, scuba dive, hike, fly and explore Korea’s mystical history, diverse culture, and natural beauty.

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A taste from the saddle, motorcycling in South Korea

Below is a glimpse into one of Adrian’s previous motorcycle trips through South Korea:

2_66The morning sun feels warm on my back as I make my way through traffic. Towering apartment complexes form the backdrop to a busy industrial area with machine shops lining the road, and a bustling market with cuts of meat hanging on hooks, glistening in the morning sun.

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