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My fancy Hangeul flashcards to help me learn the alphabet.

My fancy Hangeul flashcards to help me learn the alphabet.

So I had my first official Korean lesson this evening… finally!!  I guess I can’t feel too bad for the delay considering everything takes 5 times longer to accomplish out here than it would back home.  It’s not easy to track down language lessons when everything is advertised in the language you need to learn; a rather frustrating conundrum.  Eventually I managed to find a pretty great place and am getting private tutoring once a week.. for free!  They are very sweet women and all they want in return is – quote: “World peace!”.  Works for me!  But that’s not all… quite possibly the best part about this deal is… are you ready for this?… PING PONG TABLES DOWNSTAIRS!!!!!  First ones I have found since being here and I almost had a heart attack when I saw them.  Sooo excited.  Now all I need to do is learn to say “How do I get in on the ping pong action?” in Korean.

Hangeul, the Korean alphabet, is fairly simple to learn and it’s amazing how much new confidence I had upon leaving class; the ability to read all the neon gibberish makes a big difference, even if I still can’t necessarily understand what most of it means.  Baby steps!

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