Big News for the Blog


Well, hello again everyone! I have great
news: I have recently been blessed with the attention of one lovely reader and
fellow sauna-phile, Cami. She has been emailing me reviews of places which she
and her daughters visited and I’ve slowly been putting them together into posts
for you to enjoy. 
Her well-written reviews come at a very auspicious time for
me because I no longer live in Korea. That’s right – double big news.  As of December 2011 I am back to being a
resident Minnesotan and must work on finding guest reviewers to keep my site
alive in the coming years. I will also be able to research and post about
places I hear of or which have great websites/online presence, but for those
tiny secret places, I will look to you… and Cami!
Her first post on Cheoksan Hot Springs is forthcoming –

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