Bojagi and Chasu


 I haven’t blog about my weekly bojagi and chasu class because it’s a slow process to complete a project and it may look from week to week the same.  But I finally finished the curtain for my window back in the the States.  It hasn’t been ironed because I’m putting it directly into a box and will iron it right before it goes onto the window.
                                    The maedeup at the top is on both sides of the curtain.

It was also “Show and Tell” at class which is always a favorite of mine. KJ  brought some chasu pillows that she had made.  She says that this style ( six designs) is very, very difficult to do.  Both sides of the pillow have this same design.


This is how she works on many of her projects.  She glues a large piece of satin to a picture frame.

She also brought these scraps from a hanbok shop.  I had asked her if she had ever got fabric scraps from any of the many hanbok shops in Korea and she had never thought to do that.  She had a friend who owned a hanbok shop and came this week with satin scraps.  How’s that for going green!  I wish I could go to many hanbok shops and get scrap fabric.  I’m going to think of a way to do just that. 

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