Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #83: Give It a Try

In this lesson we’ll learn how to use ~보다 to “try” doing verbs. For example, you can “try” learning Korean, or “try” eating a new kind of food.

We’re up to lesson 83 out of 100. If you’re new to this series, I recommend starting it from the beginning. All of these episodes go in order, so if you start from somewhere after the first lesson you might miss something explained in a previous lesson.

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Examination day with BGN! Let`s learn more together!

Examination day with BGN! Let`s learn more together!

Many patients wish to get rid of glasses or contact lenses, but don`t know what to start with.
It is not as complicated as you may think!

Today BGN Eye Hospital will introduce you each step you may face when visiting us for a LASIK consultation. Let`s start!

Step 1. Registration and personal information gathering

All patients fill in informational paper in preferred language (English, Russian, Korean)
We check previous medical history and history of contact lenses use. Also we check patient`s preferences and lifestyle to make sure the best customized surgery would be recommended after examination.

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Expressing Surprise 다니 | Live Class Abridged

This past Sunday we covered the advanced level grammar form ~다니.

Why is this form advanced? Well using it and understanding it isn’t hard at all (beginners could probably understand it just fine). The “advanced” comes from it actually being two forms (or three) that work as one form. And in order to use this form, you’ll also need to already have a mastery of the quoting forms – and that’s something that first requires a lot of practice.

But with the quoting forms ready and a few example sentences, you’ll also be well on your way toward mastering this form too.

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Can you practice Korean with Google/Alexa/Siri/Bixby?

Have you ever tried using your virtual assistant (Google, Alexa, Siri, Bixby, etc.) to practice Korean?

It doesn’t always work, although it seems like it could potentially be helpful. Here are some tips I put together for how you can get the most out of these sort of tools.

I talk about their pros and cons, and share some specific commands you can try with them.

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Billy Go’s Beginner Korean Course | #82: Making Adverbs

We’ve already learned how to use adverbs (typically directly before a verb), but now let’s learn how we can make some of our own adverbs using the ending ~게.

Remember that this series goes in order, and will have 100 episodes total. Watch these from the beginning if you’re new, because you might miss something important if you jump in later on. There are only 17 more episodes left!

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Translation: Is making a safe school for LGBTQ+ students really something to criticize?

I posted earlier this week about the Comprehensive Plan for Student Human Rights and the conservative backlash that painted the plan as radical and a force that would inculcate kindergarteners in the homosexual agenda

I wanted to translate a more progressive view of the plan, posted by the more liberal Hankyoreh. The article, titled Is making a safe school for LGBTQ+ students really something to criticize? The article talks about how the plan would actually help protect LGBTQ+ students.

Is protecting LGBTQ+ students from discrimination really something that is going to spread homosexuality? When LGBTQ+ students are still driven to suicide due to the many stereotypes and discrimination they face, is it right to criticize the push to create schools that keep kids safe? 

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Teaching kindergarteners about homosexuality? Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education faces controversy over its Comprehensive Plan for Student Human Rights

After a five year hiatus, the Kimchi Queen is back! 

Coronavirus has been hard and boring. Hubby and I live in Pittsburgh now and life just seems like work then sit around the house then work some more. Since I’m no longer traveling for work, I decided to get back to blogging! (Also brush up my Korean) I’m probably never going to get back to posting every day like I did back in 2015, but I’m going to try to post something once a week. Mostly translations! Google translate has gotten much better over the past 5 years, but I do think there is still some value in curating and translating for the blogiverse. 

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