Looking for flight volunteer Seoul to California, will pay $100 USD

Hi everyone,

We adopted a 9-month old puppy, Hyang-E, from a high kill shelter in Paju. We've been looking for a flight volunteer since last year to bring her to he United States but haven't had any luck. Please reach out if anyone or knows anyone that has a direct flight from South Korea (ICN) to California (SFO or LAX) and are willing to be a flight volunteer. You just have to arrive at the airport 30 minutes earlier than usual and the rescue agency will take care of the rest. We can provide $100 USD to anyone willing to bring her to us.


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Has THIS ever happened to you?

I am looking for any and all non-Korean speaking foreigners living in Korea, and would like to know if, while living in Korea, you have ever had a Hangul document placed in front of you and been told nothing more than, "name, sign" by the Korean representative.

When you attempt to ask what the document is, and what it means, were brushed off, told nothing, and the request "name, sign" was again repeated.  This may have happened when renting an apartment, setting up a phone contract, renting a car, signing an employment contract, opening a bank account…whatever.

I am doing a study to see just how common an experience this is to ex-pats and foreigners living in Korea today.  Please feel free to respond here or to my email account listed here, and please indicat if it is alright for me to contact you to follow up and gather more details about your experince(s).   Thank you.

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BGN Christmas Promotion 2020

 Christmas and new year holidays are coming and BGN Eye Hospital prepared a special Promotion for you!

Only until the 31st of December get 200,000 KRW additional discount for ReLEx SMILE surgery and eye-drops (worth 100,000 KRW) free of charge!

Make yourself the best Christmas present – 20/20 vision!

This is definetely the time to get rid of contact lenses and glasses and start enjoing winter season!


-Safe and fast surgery without flap (only 2 mm incision)

-Only 1 day for examination,surgery and recovery

-Back to work and normal life on the next day

-Active and extreme sports possible after 1 week

-Over 400,000 successful surgeries at BGN!

Wish to visit clinic, but don`t have free time? No problem, as we will be opened on Christmas, 25th of December!

Number of appointments is limited so hurry up to book an appointment today!

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Online English Teacher, Tutor

Online English teacher, Tutor.

My name is Edward, I am from London, England.

I live in South Korea, Seoul.

Do you want to learn English? online or face to face. Start the New Year with a native English teacher!

If you want to improve your English, such as Pronunciation correction, English Phrases, basic English, grammar, and everyday conversation, or you want to improve your Business English. let us have a private English lesson together !. I know the English accent well.

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BGN Eye Hospital winter SMILE festival

Winter is already in Busan!

Are you ready to enjoy the most active winter in your life?

Meet BGN SMILE winter festival! Get great dicounts for all kinds of SMILE surgeries during the winter season!

-100,000 KRW discounts for BGN SMILE!

-200,000 KRW discount for TRIPLE and QUATRO SMILE and free post-surgery eye drops ( worth 100,000 KRW)

Love snowboarding, skiing and hot springs? You can do it all with SMILE just 1 week after surgery!

BGN SMILE – iconic ReLEx SMILE surgery

TRIPLE SMILE – ReLEx SMILE plus cornea strenghtening, highly recommended for patients with high myopia and astigmatism level or thin cornea! ( the best!)

QUATRO SMILE – ReLEx SMILE surgery and full solution of cornea strengthening and dry eye treatment. Hyaluron and PRP eye-drops ( Plasma based) are provided to decrease dry eye syndrom and prevent inflammation.

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Volunteering at English Cafe in Busan (Accomodation provided)

Volunteering at English Cafe in Busan (Accomodation provided)


Come join us in our language and cultural exchange English cafe in Busan, the best city in Korea! We are looking for volunteers who can help Korean learners improve their English. Our community aims to provide a warm and lively environment where Korean students and foreigners can share their cultures and experiences in English. Korean students can learn about a variety of cultures and practice their target language from volunteers. Volunteers also can learn and experience Korean culture and make new friends at the cafe. Volunteers also learn different cultures and share ideas and informations each other.


Volunteers are required to have following characteristics and skills:

– Comfortable speaking English

– Love meeting and interacting with new people

– Enjoy learning new cultures and sharing their own cultures and experiences

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Join a Usability testing, get a $80 amazon e-gift card



We need participants for a usability testing for Bunnfit app.

For more details about our test, please refer to the attached poster.


The test procedure is simple: 

1. Install Bunnfit app on your phone. 

2. Ist Session: for 3 days, perform 3 tasks with Bunnfit app and answer a short online survey about Bunnfit app usability satisfaction.

3. 2nd Session: Join an interview for 30minutes.

4. Receive a $80 Amazon e-gift card after the test.


If you are a participant

– Who is 18 years and older

– With the citizenship of U.S. or Canada

– Who does exercise 3 ~5 times a week

– With previous/present exprience of using physical activity tracking app


Then send me an email or a text message

Jisoo Lee / [email protected] / +82-10-4223-2126



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BGN Eye Hospital Halloween 2020 event

Halloween 2020 is coming up and BGN Eye Hospital prepared some special treats for you!!

-200.000 KRW DISCOUNT for ReLEx SMILE surgery

-FREE post-surgery eye drops (100.000 KRW worth!)

-FREE eye examination

A Quick ONE DAY Recovery with BGN SMILE! Only 2 mm micro-incision with minimum corneal damage, no flap and the fastest recovery, so you can get back to work and normal life right on the next day! BGN Eye Hospital is equipped with the most advanced technology by the lead manufacturer Zeiss currently used in SMILE surgery. A combination of our technology and highly skilled professionals employed by our clinic has allowed us to claim over 400,000 successful vision correction surgery cases so far.This is definitely the chance to get your clear vision! Don`t miss this opportunity to get maximum discount for SMILE surgery!

For booking an appointment and free consultation please refer to the following details:

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