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Fall In Coffee Interior, Hwamyeong, BusanI am not a coffee snob. I am a caffeine addict. That said, I can appreciate a good cup of coffee, one which was dripped from a large and expensive coffee machine, added to steam-foamed milk and then arranged into a little heart shape.

So Hwamyeong does have an Angel in Us Coffee, but I wandered into Fall in Coffee because I thought it looked nice, and it was less busy. The interior left me speechless. It has dark wooden bars and tables, copper light fixtures and a red velvet bench. I personally appreciate the liberal use of coffee as decoration. There are coffee pots and mugs everywhere, arranged in pleasing ways. There are also lots of vials of various coffee beans placed artfully in colour order, labelled with the bean’s origins.

The menu offers a world-wide selection of beans. You can have Indonesian, Jamaican or Kenyan beans. That said, the more obscure the location, the more expensive the price. There were coffees that were W10,000 a cup. I was tempted but I went for the W5,000 Cafe Latte, mainly because my addiction will not survive long with W10,000 coffees.


Fall In Coffee Cappuccino

The latte arrived with a beautiful heart on top and just danced on my tastebuds. I haven’t had coffee this good since I left Sydney. Amazing.


Fall In Coffee, Hwamyeon, Busan

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So, not for your daily cup of Joe, but for a quiet chat with a friend and a great coffee, I recommend Fall In Coffee.

Directions: From Hyamyeong Subway Station, take exit one. Walk past Lotte, continue for two blocks. Lotteria is on the corner, and Fall in coffee is two shops to the right on the first floor.


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