Hindustani: Healthy & Fresh Indian Cuisine


 Thanks to Russ Polano for recommending this to the Daejeon community.

 Thanks to Russ Polano for recommending this to the Daejeon community.

 Hindustani is located on the 2nd floor diagonally across the street from Time World Galleria behind Seven Springs buffet. (see the map below)

Ok, the 50% off specials are over as of August 7th, back to normal prices.
Closing early from running out of product will not likely happen now. Leave us comments below, help inform your fellow Daejeonities on the quality after the dust has settled.

(Left to Right) First Row: Chicken Curry, Tandoori Chicken, Garlic Naan
                        Second Row: Beef Curry Palak Ghost, Shrimp Curry

 I had the Beef Curry Palak Ghost (Spinach & Ginger)
It was an excellent curry, very smooth and rounded flavors.
The Garlic Naan was very soft and tasty.

 Above is sample of their menu

 Seating outside is ideal for group gatherings and dinner parties

Here’s a picture to give a you a visual perspective on Hindustani’s location


 The taste of the Beef Palak Ghost curry was a little sweet, but excellent. The flavor wasn’t watered down compared to my experience with the curry at Bukhara in Dusan (near City Hall)

The ingredients seemed fresh


The presentation of the food was fine


No complaints on service


The current lunch special was a great deal! Will have to compare portion size and regular prices in the future

Rating: Currently – 9/10

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