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Review by Heesun Kim


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Review by Heesun Kim


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Casual Japanese dining in Jangsan, BusanIt’s Friday night and there’s a good crowd at Hinomura, a Japanese style restaurant in the Jangsan neighborhood, Busan. The setting and casual, with a dozen or so tables and a counter by the chef’s kitchen where more customers sit.

Looking through the menu we struggle somewhat with the Japanese and Korea text. Fortunately the pictures offer some guidance and with a little help from the waiter we opt for Set A, a 30,000 won set consisting of 8 small skewers of various meats and vegetables, 2 cheese filled rice balls, an egg & vegetable pancake, and miniature spicy chicken wings.

Other choices were Set B at 50,000 won and Set C at 80,000 won. Differences between these are portions sizes and one or two additional items.

Delicious skewers and mini chicken wings at Hinomura in Jangsan

There is a choice of ‘a la carte’ items mainly fried rice, noodles and more meat & veg on skewers and there is a page dedicated to a variety of Saki’s. We ordered a skewer of seared tuna outside of the set menu, a 900ml carton of Saki and soju.

Delicious seared tuna from Hinomura in JangsanWhen you drink Saki, choose to have it served warm as it tastes slightly sweeter on the palate this way. In comparison to soju, which I am sure every person of the adult population in South Korea is familiar with, the Saki tasted smoother and I was not inclined to make faces from the aftertaste, as I normally do with soju. It’s pricier too, ranging from 27,000 won to 180,000 won for each bottle.

If you are looking for a hearty meal then I would not recommend this place because the portions sizes are very small, (think bite-size) and many of the dishes are really a series of appetizers and canapés rather than meals.  The food itself did not scintillate my taste-buds, however for socializing with friends it’s a decent enough choice especially as it’s open until 9 in the morning.

The total bill was approximately 77,000 won for the set dish, a skewer of seared tuna, Saki and a couple of bottles of soju.

Hours: 16:00 – 9:00

Telephone 051-703-9971

Directions: Jangsan Metro exit 4.  Walk straight past the 2001 Outlet.  It’s across the second road on your left.

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