Jeju-do Day 3 – Sweat

Only one tourist in shot.

Only one tourist in shot.

You really can’t take me anywhere.
After leaving Seogwipo and all its waterfalls we headed along the coast until we found
some lunch … oh how quickly we forgot about our little sea friends … but they
were just too delicious.
It was the hottest, sunniest day we’d seen in Jeju,
why not climb a up and see a giant old crater?
Sol does this really adorable thing where he carries things in his mouth from time to time.
It always makes me smile.
I’m not kidding.
This thing was big.
I could have climbed it 5 times though, you know, if I had really wanted to.
Then we watched the old lady divers, the Haenyo, do their thing.
These beautiful little old ladies free dive down up to 20m
and grab whatever they see to sell to you so you can fill your belly.
They are awesome.
After we left the ladies we drove Bob onto a boat and we all headed over to Udo Island.

Where the most badass Haenyo live.
These old ladies may no longer dive, but they go with their walkers up to the
shore and then walk along the rocks scrounging up little creatures and plants.

Udo was beautiful.

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