Jen vs Cancer


One of Busan’s Awesomest could use some support in kicking cancer’s ass!

From Jen

One of Busan’s Awesomest could use some support in kicking cancer’s ass!

From Jen

Ok. So here it is. I have cancer (metastatic melanoma, late stage). I am leaving Korea because my treatment options are more varied back home. I will be flying out of Busan on December 17th, and will likely not have time to say goodbye to some people here that I love dearly. I’ve been dreading this post because I hate the idea of putting my hand out… but I have no idea what kind of coverage I will be able to qualify for in the US, and don’t know what will and what won’t be covered. Please read and share the following link
. Also, please forgive me for not responding to messages in the next week or two, I am about to pack up/wrap up 8 years of my life in a week. Much love and many thanks.

From Facebook shares…

Jen is an incredible woman and the backbone of the Busan expat community I was so fortunate to be apart of. Though I never knew her personally, she made many Wednesday nights at Ol’ 55 memorable for all of us. In the spirit of the season and expat camaraderie- it is incumbent upon us all to help her in her moment of need. Jen- I speak on behalf of all those your exuberant strength impacted. We are here for you!    – Casey

My friend, Jen Sotham, is not one who enjoys asking for help or charity. After eight years of living and teaching in South Korea, she’s going home to New York now because her on-and-off fight with cancer has gotten very serious. Please SHARE this link, and DONATE to help her fight cancer! We love her very much and pray for her ongoing journey in life. – Stacy

Jen is an amazing friend and has supported and helped me and many others in the past. With a heart as big as hers it is for her to do it. I hope your hearts are just as big and can send her some love and support, even if its just a tiny bit  – Greg

I had the pleasure of getting to know Jen while working on The Vagina Monologues together in Busan. I was and continue to be inspired by her generous and caring nature and her love for the community she’s called home for the last 8 years. She is such a giving and positive person and is in need of some generosity now. Please send her some positive thoughts and consider donating and sharing this page.    – Katie

Jen is a dear friend, poet, musician, teacher, filmmaker who has always reached out to others in times of need. It’s our turn to support her & her fight.  – K

One of my dearest friends is about to begin a battle for her life. While it has been something that she has been dealing with on and off for a while, things have gotten very real this time. Please help this wonderful, inspirational woman and artist and her family through this difficult time. Follow the link if you can contribute to her fight.  – Mike


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