Karak (가락)


Name: 가락 (Karak)

Location: Sang-am Dong (Digital Media City)

Name: 가락 (Karak)

Location: Sang-am Dong (Digital Media City)

Reviewed by: Chris Meierotto on: January 28, 2013
Thoughts: Upon walking into Karak, you immediately notice the blackboard walls covered with selections of handwritten food and makgeolli. The day when we went to review, there were nine varieties on the board. Sitting down, we looked at the extensive menu, and decided to go with the oyster pajeon and to sample a few types of makgeolli. The owner is an adorable hostess who also knows how to cook up a mean jeon. The place is very modern and clean, and the food is presented on traditional crockery, while the makgeolli is served in a glass pitcher.


Service: ****
Style: ****
Ambience: ****

Oyster Jeon: ****

“White Lotus” (하얀 연꽃): *** ( Milky, Sweet, Effervescent )
“Deoksan” (덕산 막걸리): ***** (Sour, Thick, Chalky, Heavenly)

I’ve been to Karak twice now. The first time there, I tried the haemul-kimchi-jeon (해물김치전), and some kimchi-mari-guk-su (김치말이국수), and it was fantastic. The second time around was an even better experience.


What We liked: We really liked the prompt and super friendly service. The food was wonderful. Well made, fresh and filling. The selection of makgeolli was a plus. The Deoksan Makgeolli was definitely our favorite. It suited our tastes with it’s think , sour and chalky texture.

What We didn’t like: Because of the giant office complex’s nearby, the hwaeshik atmosphere was a little loud.

Recommendation: This is a great place to come shortly after dusk or on a weekend for a more intimate experience. The food, service and drink can’t be beat. The prices range from 10,000 to 20,000, and the place can easily accommodate groups as large as 6-8.

How to get there:
From the Digital Media City Subway Station, take exit 9. Come out of the stairwell and walk straight until you can take your first left. Once you turn left, walk straight for about 5 minutes (remember, stay to the right at the fork). You will pass a GS25- continue on straight heading up towards the hill. When you see a big blue LG sign on a storefront, hang a right. Walk downhill for another few minutes until you see the sign 가락 on the left.


Address: 서을특별시 마포구 상암동 42-14 Map Here

Have you been to Karak before? Tried more dishes or have more opinions? More questions? Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think!

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