The 2003 Kotesol Conference
Webcast LIVE from Seoul, Korea on Oct. 18 & 19


People from all over the world tuned in as we provided more than 16 hours of live and 'virtually live' coverage of conference presentations, interviews, and Q & A sessions. All of our video was recorded and is now available here. Thanks to all those who participated and assisted with this pioneering ESL web event. Click here to read more about the webcast and technology involved.

You will need to have Windows Media Player 9 in order to access these files.
You can download it for free at:

WMP 9 for*** Windows XP **** Windows 98, 2000, or ME**WMP 9 for Mac OS X

Netscape Users: You will not be able to stream the media by clicking the above links. You can however download the files from our Download Page, save to your computer and watch from there.

David Nunan

Donald Freeman

Brian Tomlinson

Asian Youth Forum

Assorted Reporting from Koreabridge's
'Shock & Awe' Webcast Team

Our early days of webcasting - PAC2 Webcast from Seoul - 1999


This webcast has received generous support from the
English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme, British Council.