Jungdaun Oriental Medicine Clinic

I have discovered a great oriental medicine doctor located in Danggam Dong which is north-west of Seomyeon.  You can get to Danggam by taking the 17 bus from the Lotte in Seomyeon [catch the bus across the road from the Lotte].  When the bus makes a right hand turn off the main road and you are going down a two lane street with shops on either side keep your eyes open for an intersection with a light where there’s a pizza hut on the left hand side.  Get off at the next stop and walk back to that intersection.  Cross the street so you are diagonally across from the corner that the pizza hut is on.  Walk down the sidewalk you are now on – you should be walking away from the intersection.  Keep your eyes open for McDonalds and a store called Basic House – both on the OTHER side of the road.  About 2 blocks away from the intersection you should see a long sign that has an orange outline of a plus sign [+] with a dramatic face mask on it [look up

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