EatYourKimchi Videos

 We're a young Canadian married couple teaching English in Bucheon, South Korea. 

We love food! 
We love adventures! 
We love life! 
We love Korea!

We want to show you what everyday life is like when living in Korea. Check out our website for blogs, videos, and pictures.

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Say Kimchi Recruiting

Say Kimchi Recruiting, LLC, is a licensed recruiting firm based out of the United States and owned by an ESL teacher in Korea. SKR connects quality native English speakers from around the world to quality teaching jobs in Korea.

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A Nice Deli

Scott McMaster & Paul Ostrowski, two expats trying to make the most out of lunch, watching our comrades struggle to find quality deli meats and other comfortfoods at a reasonable price. Finally a break through, we provide you with the opportunity to take your sandwich and your kitchen to the next level!

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FOVE Korea

 Federation of Volunteer Efforts in Korea


Foreign Volunteer Group

The Foreigner Volunteer Group is a component of the Federation of Volunteer Efforts in Korea (FOVE). FOVE was founded in 1991 in response to a need for a support system for individual volunteers. They are dedicated to building a caring society through the promotion of volunteering in all sectors of the community.





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Inkworks Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Korea, is the biggest
and most established Tattoo shop in Korea.
It has two shops in Hongdae, and Busan, as well as in Artisia, and Korea
Town in LA, California.

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The Rong and Winding Load

The Rong and Winding Load

By John Bocskay

How two foreigners boarded an express sightseeing bus and were transformed into stammering degenerates.


They do as they please and no one can stop them: rise before dawn, pack into a bus, and start hitting it: partying all day on a bleary-eyed tour, shattering the peace of the countryside with their whoops and hollers, rocking and bouncing the bus on its axles along the freeway, dancing in a trance in the aisles, the pounding beat driving the revelers further and further…


This is not a Korean Kool-aid Acid Test, nor is it some Road Warrioresque brand of post-apocalyptic menace. These are Korea’s senior citizens – little old grandma and grandpa – and this is what they do every Sunday all across the Land of the Morning Calm.


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