More From The 2011 Suwon Hwaseong Cultural Festival


This is what I found outside my apartment building last Saturday.  How cool is that!
I also found these guys have a great time.  The one on the right end was my buddy.

 I went to the Fortress on Sunday by myself since Rocketman was down with a bad cold.  Nan, my chilbo teacher, wanted me to help since I could help all the foreigners.  She and the other craft shops had tables set up outside their shops selling and you could even try a craft for a really reasonable price.
But I saw a group of kids sitting on the floor in front of the stage that had been set up.  This is what each one had.

                         Some decorated their dry boards with more than just their name.

                           There were a lot of kids with lots of parents watching from the wings.

 I would have freaked at the pressure and am sure glad they didn’t have things like this when I was young.

 Then I made my way to Nan’s street and found lots of crafting going on.  I was in heaven.  Here they were decorating a cupcake with fondant.

                                              This table you could make a stuffed bear.

                                        I even found some chasu and maedeup.

 I love this lady and she knows me well.  She wanders about most of the time and stops by my hanji shop and chilbo shop regularly.

                                                 There were a lot of people.

 Right next to Nan, a potter had set up making pottery and letting kids make something.  She worked soooo hard that day.

 I helped Nan with many foreigners from all over the world and many had come down from Seoul.  But I was shocked when this lady knew my name and of course I knew her.  It’s Mommy Cha and one of her two Kimchi Kids!  Her blog is one I regularly read and I found her through Sarah’s Quest for Cuteness blog.  She came down from Seoul with friends and it was really nice to meet her in person.

Nan was also very busy and she appreciated my help.  I do tend to draw attention and it make a lot of people come to her table that may not have otherwise.
My bodyguard was there too selling his incredible wood sculptures.
This tray was probably the most popular of the day.  I lost count on how many Nan sold.

            Of course, I did some shopping too.  I bought this for Rocketman from my Bodyguard.

                         I also bought these that I’m going to make into maedeup necklaces.

                                                      More things I bought.

                               The potter hardly charged me anything for these cups.

And these tiny plant holders.  I ended up getting a free dinner at Young Soo’s restaurant.  She made mandu guk for all the workers.  And she has the most delicious homemade kimchi.  She always knows to give me extra.  I came home happy and tired.  It’s so wonderful to spend the entire day surrounded by crafting and good friends.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

I also took a video of one of the many kids making pottery:

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