Nampo-dong and Jagalchi Market


Last Sunday’s start was a bit confusing!   Like the picture above (taken outside exit 4 of Nampo Station), there were many directions we could have taken to meet our friends in the “shopping district” of Busan, Nampo-dong.  I snapped that photo just as we had exited to street level and was excited to see both Vancouver and Toronto represented.
The shopping street is a bit tucked away from the main street (take exit 7 if you choose to go!) so we went to the mall by mistake.  They run a water show so as we entered the mall the William Tell Overture was playing and water was falling from the ceiling.  As we tried on Dior Sunglasses (at a kiosk, no less) the show was approaching its finale.  We couldn’t get wifi at first, so we wandered around enjoying the changing LED lights and the Sam Smith-themed apparel.

While the mall was pretty cool (and offers a viewing deck on the 12th floor that we’ll need to go back to) we finally got wifi and finally met up with the other two. 


 We immediately headed into a Green Tea shop where there were various Green Tea lattes and Green Tea flavoured foods like the Green Tea pesto grilled cheese I had for lunch.


I’ll definitely need to head back – they had some great (and inexpensive) clothes, a huge street-food market, and an Art Box shop (with great household appliances/ cutlery, etc. makeup, and school supplies).  I bought a shirt and a wallet as well as some Hotteok (Hotteok is a variety of filled Korean pancake, and is a popular street food of Korea. It is usually eaten during the winter season.”)
 Busan Tower

Street Performers

 I’ll have to head back for Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream!

 Yes – that is a Taekwondo uniform for dogs.

They sometimes spell city names wrong…


After lots of walking around, window shopping, snacking, and sight-seeing we headed back to Hwamyeong visa the Jagalchi Market Subway Station (Jagalchi and Nampo are linked through an underground path).  I’ll definitely be back to this area soon!

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