Performance: Nick’s Farewell Party (Stompers, Itaewon)



Presenting a musical reunion – and a farewell Itaewon will remember.


Presenting a musical reunion – and a farewell Itaewon will remember.

What happens when you combine a full docket of bands with another full docket of bands? Sheer mayhem? Pandemonium? A lot of angry, drunk folks? Nah – it’s all good. Even as Stompers managed to double-book the night, times got shifted and got worked out to present six bands at one venue in one night.

Presenting The Strikers – call ‘em skate punk if you like, or just start jumping. Although they were the opening band in a packed lineup, they did a fine job getting the energy going.

Next up, the Seoul City Suicides – original punk and a hella good live show.

…Whatever that Means in one of their last shows in Korea until they return in 2013. That’s a shame, since their style of punk has taken to the stages across Seoul so well.

Jeff on the guitar, but featured here close-up on the vocals.

This is the point in the night where I began to get a little fuzzy on who was playing… While this is the part I came to see, I’m trusting that the line-up posted on Facebook was the same line-up that actually went down. Presenting… (fingers crossed) Vadim and the Regime, doing their first show in over a year.

Our man Nick is there on the right, playing keyboard and singing his lungs out.

Keegan on the megaphone – not a standard instrument in most bands lineups, but an effective one. At some point, the roster of people shifted to Mirrorhouse, even as several of the same people picked up a new instrument or caught a breather before playing the next band’s numbers.

It’s hard to drown out Vadim on the megaphone, but Nick tried his damnedest.

At some point an awesome trumpet player took the stage, Nick got out his saxophone, and The Wise Guys were on. While this is likely the last show with this configuration, it’s worth recognizing them as being the house band for the Hard Rock Cafe back in the day. For anyone that arrived in Korea after October 2011, the Hard Rock Cafe used to sit in the now-gaping hole right by exit 2 in Itaewon.

Aww, Vadim and Brooke, you’re such sweethearts…

Konstantin on an awesome trumpet.

Viatcheslav rocking the… keytar? Don’t forget about the Madonna mic either.

Alexander on one of the guitars.

It’s a rare show where I actually dance a bit while wearing the photographer’s hat – but in this case I had to. It was impossible not to. A great show, and a packed house for much of the night – what more can you ask for?

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