on The Empowered Way’s Facebook page, I posted this picture.

on The Empowered Way’s Facebook page, I posted this picture.

This is a very special sentiment to myself because it is something I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself of when I try something new.  When I was younger- I had to be the BEST. The fastest, the strongest, and the MVP. If I wasn’t any of those things…. I quit. If I wasn’t naturally talented in something, I just gave it up. I was not a great way to handle my life but in my eyes at that time, I was the best at EVERYTHING I did (for this reason). Boy… was I missing out.
I had a paralyzing fear that I carried around pretty much my whole life.  I felt ashamed, and crippled by it. Then one day… a few months before my wedding… I FACED IT! I just didn’t feel like I could move on to adulthood carrying it. SO- I let it go. I conquered it. Facing that fear changed my perspective of what was possible within me…. although I didn’t recognize it yet. 
When I moved to Korea, I wanted a hobby. I was limited in my options. (I thought) But I saw a flier at a local restaurant for a private yoga teacher that spoke English!!! I immediately shuttered… the thought of yoga and stretching terrified me! But, again… I knew I couldn’t be a mother one day and STILL let these little fears hold me back.
So I began lessons with her-
If you are in Seoul and need a good yoga teacher, please contact Miri Jeon. [email protected]

Working with her changed my life. Some classes were so hard I would tear up. I would be so frustrated with my body for its lack of perfection. Yoga is BY FAR the hardest thing I’ve done.

I am SO naturally inflexible that it humbled me to study and practice yoga. Usually I would have given up because I was so NOT “good” at it. But I knew my body needed it and I started to see changes happening. My teacher was so gentle, and so kind. I would go over to her apartment and drink jasmine tea and we would talk about food and health (other subjects that frightened me at the time).
I was on the verge of something…

I’ll never forget the first time I could touch the floor with the very tip tops of my fingers. Could it be… I had worked at something and progressed?! This was literally a first for me. School and sports just always came easy to me and I never really had to try. Yoga was different.

Me during yoga retreat at Kaizen headed for one of the most difficult poses for me.
See that lovely lady in black helping me? What an encouraging person to have when you are headed for the most uncomfortable position that your body can be in.
I’ve been blessed with amazing teachers! Sorry that my feet are strategically placed in front of your face!

Yoga made me crazy, and yet it filled me with love. I felt a deep connection to it. The breath, the stretching, the focus. Yoga has taught me so much. So, so much. I’ve learned about my mind and my body.

Here are 7 lessons that yoga has taught me:
– Breathe through the pain… it really does help.
– I can withstand anything.
– You go where you place your focus.
– Life isn’t a competition with anyone, except who you were yesterday.
– The things you have to work at most, end up being the most rewarding.
– If you want to get fit, just show up first.
– Whatever I avoid, is what I need to face.

Sheeeeesh- talk about some hard lessons to learn! I didn’t say I mastered those lessons yet, but yoga has been trying to teach me these for 3 years now! Sometimes they “sink in”.

I love this picture because it was taken after a WONDERFUL class at a yoga conference in Seoul.
My face is glowing with yoga!
The other lady in the pic is a wonderfully energetic teacher and all around great person, Callie!

If you’ve been thinking of joining a yoga class, just do it! It doesn’t matter where you are physically or mentally…. yoga will always meet you there. No prepping or pre reqs needed. 🙂 So much empowerment and self esteem will come from starting something new and seeing even the tiniest teeniest bits of progress. The small things really count in life.

You may be making progress daily, just acknowledge it!

If you just ran your first lap around the neighborhood….

If you were able to keep your head cool when you normally would have stressed….

If you just signed up for a gym….

If you were able to have money left over at the end of the month and didn’t blow it all….
If you did your homework on time for once….

If you chose herbal tea over coffee….
If you ate less meat and junk food this week….

If you have just completed page 1 of a novel you’ve been meaning to write….

If you have beaten your 5k time by 6 seconds….
If you dusted off the juicer and made yourself a fresh juice today….

If you only flossed your teeth once this week….

If you can only cook one thing from “scratch”….

If you stood up for a friend THIS time….
If you chose water over soda or “pop”….
If you woke up early today….

If you bought the ingredients to make your first vegan meal…

If you didn’t let fear control a decision you made today…
If you didn’t take the easy way out….

If you have added a new fruit or vegetable to your diet….
If you researched something for yourself that you normally would have just followed the crowd on…. 

You are making progress!
Chin up, chest out!
You are moving in the right direction!
Good things are coming your way. 🙂

I really believe big things are coming. Can’t you FEEL them on their way? Something BIG is afoot.

Until then, let’s have fun in the NOW-



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