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Yawhae bottlesYawhae bottles

We have discovered many gems in terms of dedicated makgeolli bars, but we have not yet begun to explore the world of dedicated soju bars.  This is mostly due to the fact that we haven’t really seen many that offer a decent selection of good products, but then again, perhaps we just weren’t looking!  One bar has however, as it popped up on our radar from the greater Korean traditional alcohol loving community, and we thought….perhaps it’s time to give soju it’s moment in the sun!

Yawhae wall

So our next location will be featuring a selection of cheongju, fruit wine, and of course soju.  There appears to be one or two makgeollis also on offer, but we will primarily be road testing the variety of other interesting alcohols they have on the menu.  The bar is styled to simulate camping with tents and outdoor chairs, and themed rooms for various camping styles.  The location is in Hongdae, so if you would like to join us send an email to [email protected] for a spot 🙂

Yawhae interior


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