Seoul, Dongdaemoon – Haevitch (Havitz) Spa World

Guest reviewer: Cami 

Guest reviewer: Cami 

spa is on the 12th floor of the Cerestar building in Dongdaemun,
right behind the Migliore building. Exit Dongdaemun station at exit
8, and walk towards the Migliore building. The signs are hard to
miss. It is just 7,000 w to get in and comes with jimjilbang
Haevitch Spa World is a brand new place, very modern and clean. The whole
facility is one floor, and has a Korean restaurant, snack bar, noodle
restaurant, noraebang, PC room, small sleeping room with beds, small
workout area with treadmills, men’s and women’s baths, and a
jimjilbang area. The baths are nothing to write home about- just
warm, hot and event, 2 small cold pools, and a steam room that is
super-hot. The woman working behind the counter in the women’s bath
speaks limited English and is very nice and helpful. It is brand new
and very clean, but quite small. One interesting thing in the baths
are the skin-scrubbing ladies…they are wearing…wait for
it…printed bras and panties! I saw red, pink, animal print! It was
wild and crazy since normally its always plain black everywhere you
go around the country. 

the baths are pretty small, the awesome thing about Spa Haevitch is
the incredible view from the main jimjilbang room. It looks out over
stream, the fabric market, all the way up to the mountains up north.
The workout room also has this great view. In the jimjilbang area are
a bulgama room (pine wood), a charcoal room, a salt room (the
hottest), an ice room, a gold room, and some sleeping caves and a
wood room that is room temperature. To me, the jimjilbangs are not
quite hot enough, but they are very clean and smell great. The main
room is the best part though, try to score a mat by the windows and
you can lay around checking out the view. I’ve been on a Friday night
and Saturday afternoon, and it was not crowded and there were few
children other than mine. There is a very small game room, but my
kids just loved gazing out the window and trying all the nice
jimjilbang rooms since they weren’t too hot. The restaurant has your
usual Korean fare, but also samgaetang (chicken soup) which I haven’t
seen at a spa before.
highly recommend this place as a spot to warm up and relax after a
hard day of shopping in Dongdaemun’s many markets and department
stores, or as a place to crash in the wee hours if you are out in
Dongdaemun doing midnight shopping.

Wikimapia of Haevitch Spa World (in the Freya Tower marked on this map)

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