Spaz Update


Last night I was such an incredible spaz that I feel it deserves its own post instead of a byline at the bottom of a life/news post.

Last night I was such an incredible spaz that I feel it deserves its own post instead of a byline at the bottom of a life/news post.

Anyways, I was running a teensy bit behind schedule on my way to pick up pounds of coffee before Korean class so I was hurrying along the street in Yangsan when I saw a tantalizing new display of spring colored makeup in The Face Shop.** Instead of stopping in as I might have done if I had more time, I simply craned my head around as I continued walking, trying to soak in what new colors I might want to try…..and promptly tripped over an uneven bit of paving, rolled my ankle and went crashing into Hooligan 1 who was an innocent bystander on his way to Korean class. Of course Hooligan 1 wasn’t hurt in any way shape or form…except maybe from laughing so hard he got stomach cramps (a distinct possibility). There you have it: my ability to get distracted by shiny things and bright colors led to my downfall. On the positive side, this time I managed to only sprain one ankle, a definite improvement from last time! It leaves me free to happily limp and favor my left ankle!

Oh happy days if that was the end of the spaz update but of course, there is more.

So I got home after a FANTASTIC Korean class (free at the Hemingway in old town Yangsan from 9-10 on Tuesday nights) and after winding down I went to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Normally this is not cause for alarm except that I somehow managed to slice open the side of my left ring finger on the toilet paper dispenser. Oh yes. I cut my finger open on a TOILET PAPER DISPENSER. I got blood all over my sink too because of course you can’t bandage up while you still need to get your hands wet for face washing and such. Even more pathetic…this isn’t the first time I’ve done that. Other people have been to my apartment and never attacked by something so seemingly harmless as a toilet paper holder but I have a special talent for this sort of thing.

Even more ridiculous: I’m mildly allergic to the adhesive in most Korean band-aids. Which means that while they will stop me from bleeding all over my bedding they will also give me a lovely reddish pink rash. This new brand seems to be okay but we’ll see after I have to have a band-aid on for more than a few hours.

To do:
1. Find a way to Alex proof the toilet paper dispenser.
2. Find a pool or something to go swimming in so I don’t waste away while spending months off of my ankle again.
3. Laugh a whole lot at my body’s antics.

**My work wardrobe is incredibly boring. I realized last month that I have not 1, not 2 but THREE gray cardigans. I have been trying to spice it up a bit by doing things like painting my nails lime green. It amuses my students to no end seeing what color my nails are every week. It is a little sad when your mother is far more stylish and hip than you are. Oh well. :-p

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