Summary of the January Meeting


Armed with sunshine, crisp air, copious amounts of treats, and, of course, pens, we were ready for our adventures. The day began at Tongdo Fantasia with some sledding; and, although there were many collisions on the artificial-snow covered hill, I’m pleased to say that we all came out unscathed.
Next on our agenda was a visit to Tongdosa, one of the Three Jewel Temples of Korea. In addition to an insightful briefing on the temple’s history by Will, we also had the good fortune of having two very kind hosts accompany us. Among the many highlights of our visit at Tongdo Temple was the ringing of the evening bell, the buddhist evening chants, and enjoying an energizing dinner provided by the temple’s courteous staff.

While this did not leave a lot of time for writing, we still managed to send out four letters thanks to Thomas’ forethought and planning.

Our next meeting will be February 27th – more details to come.

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