Take Better Pictures: 5 Korean Photo Blogs You Should Follow


Whether you want to become the next Ansel Adams, or just learn how to take better pictures to post on Facebook, these blogs will help you get there.

Whether you want to become the next Ansel Adams, or just learn how to take better pictures to post on Facebook, these blogs will help you get there.

Photography in Korea is like a national sport. Photo by P. DeMarco

So you want to improve your photographic skills? Someone once said that success leaves clues. Given the load of photographic talent here in Korea, you don’t have to look far for hints.

There’s a large group of skilled foreign photographers living in Korea who are sharing their knowledge for free on the web. It is true that there are many amazing photography/travel blogs by foreigners in Korea. But only a few actually teach you how to get better as a photographer.

The following sites have the best tips, tricks, and stories about photography. And you might even see some amazing images of Korea and the world as well.

Here are the best of the best in no particular order:

The Information Specialist

Dylan’s site is a fantastic resource for photo tutorials and videos. One of my favorite features of his site is when he “deconstructs” some of his more complex and stylized (think Photoshop) images. Hopefully, he will hold another Strobist Seminar again so I can learn how to use my flash.

Two helpful posts:

1. Want to take pics of your friends playing in the snow but can’t figure out how to photography snowflakes? Check out Quick Tip: Flashing in the Snow.

2. Another helpful post is Shooting Portraits.

The Traveling Photojournalist

Are you dreaming about becoming a travel writer and/or photographer and looking for some inspiration? Shawn “Flash” Parker was working in Korea for some time and has since set out on a global tour shooting and writing about places from Brunei to New York. He is also a wedding, engagement, and portrait photographer. Check out his photo travel blog on Flickr as well.

Two helpful posts:

1. Learn how to use filters with the Basic Filter Guide.

2. So you just published some of your photos and you want to upload them to your blog/website. But alas, the editor sent you a PDF file of your published work and you can’t upload PDFs to your site. Check out Published! for learning about how to convert PDF files to JPEG files…for free!

The Connector

In addition to being a great writer and photographer, Gregory Curley is like the connector described in Malcom Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point; he links his readers to the world. His “Weekly Snapshots” posts always showcase the best of what is happening in the Korean photographic world and beyond. You can also find some informative photo tutorials and Korean travel articles.

Two helpful posts:

1. Go to Weekly Snapshots | 12.10.10. Next, click on the link “What Yeonpyeong looks like post-shelling” for some chilling images of the island bombared by North Korea.

2. Can you name one Korean photographer? You can’t. Check out this post: Kim Jung-man | Korea’s Ace Photographer.

The Learner

Jason Teale writes his blog from Ulsan, Korea. He’ll tell you that he is always learning, but he’s also always sharing some awesome information too. As his site says, his blog is full of stories, tips, and photos from around Korea. Jason has made a name for himself, especially in the realm of HDR photography. If you don’t know what HDR is or do and love it, then YOU GOTTA CHECK OUT Stuck In Customs.

Two helpful posts:

1. Can’t think of any new ideas? Check out the post Creativity.

2. Learn how to get your work in front of more eyes by reading Getting Published.

The Persistent Photographer

Jay Boyle is taking his photography to the next level and he is taking you along for the ride. Follow him as he tries to complete his 365 Project (taking 1 photo every day of the year for one year). Although Jay only recently started his blog and hasn’t published as much stuff as some of the other photographers on this list, he still has some good info to share. Not to mention his persistence is inspiring.

Two helpful posts:

1. Your photographs can make a difference in someone’s life. Yes, yours. Don’t believe me? Read Help Portrait 2010.

2. Check out Jay’s useful review of a recent photo workshop held in Seoul called Learning Curve: SPC Lighting Seminar.

The Columnist

Okay, I lied. There are actually 5 blogs AND 1 newspaper column that will help you improve your photographic skills. Even though it is not a blog, Aaron Raisey ran a column for the Korea Herald called “In Focus” that is worth mentioning. Aaron and other photographers living in Korea wrote the articles. Today you can still find over 20 articles that will help you improve your photographic skills. Aaron also runs the Seoul Photo Club on Flickr.

Two helpful posts:

1. Learn where to be and when to be there if you want take great pictures with Mario Taradan’s article Be at the right place, at the right time.

2. Or check out Aaron’s article on how to Improve Your Composition.

*This is not a complete list and I’m sure I left out some excellent blogs. However, shameless promotion of your photography blog is highly encouraged – be it based in Korea or abroad. Be sure to add a link in the comments section below.

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