While in the shower, I saw my husband staring at his toothbrush, which was rather unusual, because he was getting late for work, but instead of hurrying up, he was standing in front of the mirror, holding his toothbrush and looking at it as if he was thinking whether or not he should brush his teeth.

I called his attention, “Honey, what’s wrong? Isn’t that your toothbrush?”

“I don’t know,” he replied and kept examining the toothbrush that I gave him a few weeks ago.

My husband and I change our toothbrushes every two or three months. I don’t know if he noticed, but our toothbrushes are color-coded. (It’s just me being OC. ^^) He gets blue or green; mine is either pink or purple.

I was already done shampooing my hair, but he was still ”analyzing” his toothbrush. He also checked the other toothbrushes in the container, and when he was through checking all of them, he (finally) came to a conclusion: “I think Omonim is using my toothbrush!”

“And you noticed just now?”

Actually, what I really wanted to say was ’eew’, but that would be rude, considering the culprit was my mother-in-law, so instead I asked if he wanted me to get him a new toothbrush.

1I gave him a new blue toothbrush, put amasking tape around the handle and drew a heart on it, so Omonim won’t use his toothbrush by mistake.

Perhaps Omonim had been using my husband’s toothbrush for a long time thinking it’s hers. The toothbrush is so worn out that it can’t even be recycled to clean toenails! Omonim’s toothbrush, on the other hand, looks good as new. How could she not recognize her own toothbrush when all the toothbrushes in the container have different colors and designs?

I’m glad I don’t keep my toothbrush in the bathroom. I have a pouch on my dresser, where I put my toothbrush and my own toothpaste.

My husband used to question this habit of not keeping my toothbrush in the bathroom. I agree it’s more convenient, but after my mischievous cousin sprinkled bits of red chilli onto the bristles of my toothbrush which was kept in a plastic cup in the bathroom, and I didn’t even realize it after I put toothpaste and started brushing my teeth,  I vowed to myself that I would NEVER keep my toothbrush in the bathroom again. Besides, Omonim’s toothbrush is pink, and it’s totally identical to mine.


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