Visiting a Korean Dentist


You can read about Rocketman’s first dental appointment here.  His second appointment was the root canal.  They didn’t give him enough novocaine so it was pretty painful.  I asked him why he didn’t stop the dentist and tell him (this dentist speaks some English) and he just didn’t.  I think he didn’t want to appear like a high maintenance American.  This visit took a little over an hour and cost 86,000 WON ($80USD). 

They didn’t want him back for the crown prep for a few weeks but Rocketman wanted this over as soon as possible and so he had his third visit the very next day after work.  This visit he was told was for the crown prep and it took a whopping  two hours and a cost of 440,000WON ($400 USD).  A dental assistant put the numbing jell in his mouth and then the dentist came in to start drilling.  Luckily, this time Rocketman did speak up and told him he wanted novocaine. 

After the crown prep there was much discussion about the type of crown he should get. They really wanted him to get a gold crown which was something I hadn’t heard of since the 1960’s.  They told him it would be good for our children meaning when he dies, our kids could cash in Dad’s crown.  I can’t imagine what that would cost today with the price of gold.

He had to get our friend Jennifer on the phone because they just wouldn’t order the porcelain crown.  They said it would break and the second choice was white around the sides and the entire top was dark gray.  No, Rocketman wanted the porcelain crown and when they still wouldn’t agree, he opened his mouth to show him one already in his mouth from our dentist from the U.S.  Only then did the dentist agree to the porcelain crown.

He goes back in two weeks for the crown and we’ll see how that goes.  The video above is of the aquarium in the dentist office.  The jellyfish are artificial but they do seem to move like a jellyfish and it gives you something to watch while you are waiting.  I only went with Rocketman to his first visit and he didn’t want me there for the others.  Apparently I make them nervous with all my questions.  I just want to know what they are doing to him, that’s all.

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